Space Allocation

CAS/AES Greenhouse Operations Policy (GOPOL)
Space Allocation Policy (SPALL) Section K
Revised: December 2012

 The current space allocations to departments/units at the East and West Greenhouses will continue as currently designated unless circumstances such as: budgetary considerations, department consolidations or university directives dictate the CAS/AES Dean/Associate Dean’s office to coordinate changes.  Information of the annual usage fee (UF) for greenhouse users is available from the Manager or the OSU Fee book web page . Assignment of space at the East and West Greenhouses to user departments/units resides with the Associate Dean. Department assignments of greenhouse space to primary users are the responsibility of the department’s Head/Chair or other designated party. Space allocations that involve realignment from historical department assignments are reviewed by the Manager and the Greenhouse Advisory Committee (GAC) for a recommendation to approve or not the change to the Associate Dean. The Associate Dean will coordinate the permanent change with the respective Heads/Chairs and GAC representatives. Agreements that circumvent the GAC and Managers right to review will not be recognized by the Dean’s office. Permanent change is defined as assignments lasting more than six months and will be recorded by the Manager for usage fee responsibilities. Short-term assignments (for periods less than six months) may be arranged by informal coordination with the Primary User, Secondary User and the Manager. Regardless of space use, the designated department and their assigned Primary User are responsible for the annual usage fee for greenhouse space.



  1. Prior to space reallocation the Manager needs to review and approve the requesting projects compatibility and compliance with greenhouse policies.
  2. When space requests cannot be met within a department’s allocated space the request should be directed to the Manager and the GAC. Include a start and end date; the required temperature regimes, pest control, watering, lighting needs and any  modifications of the space that will be needed to accommodate the project.
  3. The Associate Dean will only be involved with space allocation to resolve conflicts and to approve reassignments crossing the historic departmental assignments.
  4. The Greenhouse Manager has the responsibility for space allocations for East 13 and 15; West Sec.10-1 and 20; outside areas G and L;  rooms C, Q, 6-6, HH7, 8B, 10A,B,C, 11-4, 12A, 12-6, and 15A.
  5. The West Greenhouse corridor benches are assigned to the Primary User of the adjacent greenhouse section.
  6. Use of outdoor space is guided by historical procedure similar to policies for interior space. There is no usage fee for outside space use. Exterior areas under the Managers domain will be assigned for 12 month periods.
  7. If a project decides to permanently vacate space they must contact the Greenhouse Manager and their department’s GAC    representative. The space continues as the departments’ assigned space for the usage fee responsibility. The space will initially be offered to projects within the department and if no project wants the space, it will be offered to the other CAS\AES departments and follow the procedures for cross department reallocations. This would relinquish the space and usage fee responsibility from the original department to the new project’s department. If the space should become unattached to a specific department the Associate Dean with the Managers assistance would then make decisions as to how the space may be used.