Supplemental Plant Lighting

Revised: September 2012

OSU East and West Greenhouses

With the advice of the OSU Supervising Electrician, the Greenhouse Manager has authority to approve the types of fixtures and control devices installed at the West Greenhouses. At the East Greenhouses, all lighting installations must be approved by the Greenhouse Manager and Facility Services. The present lighting policy is defined by the following points:

1. The purchase, installation, maintenance and replacement cost for HID lights and mechanical time clock control devices are the responsibility of the Users project. The only exception is the arrangement with Facility Services for HID lighting in East 10-11 and 12 which offsets the shadow affect of the ALS building. The cost for wiring the lighting circuits at the East Greenhouses to the Envirostep controllers is the Users responsibility. All fixtures and wiring plans must be approved in advance by the Manager. Warehouse and other industrial fixtures will not be approved regardless of price and availability

2. Electrical cost at the West Greenhouses is paid by the Greenhouse Operations budget, funded by the CAS/AES Dean. At the East Greenhouse, the power costs are paid by FS.

3. All approved installations of light racks, light fixtures, raceways, surge protected power strips and time clocks, must conform to current wiring and safety codes.  Exposed electrical cords must be kept in good condition. This basic maintenance is a User responsibility and expense. Users can request maintenance repairs for the Manager to arrange using GOPS crew, Facility Services work request, or a private contractor as permitted. Cost associated with the need of additional circuitry and/or special equipment will be the Users responsibility.

4. All light circuits must have time clock control. User groups will coordinate with the GOPS crew to assist with the set up of lighting requirements. Lighting controlled by the Envirostep controllers will be programmed by the GOPS crew with the User groups providing the parameters for their sections. Seasonal adjustments will be recommended to allow for energy savings.

5. Lighting installed improperly or without a control device will be disconnected and the User will be contacted to correct the problem before using the lights. Lighting regimes such as, 24/7, will be subject to prior approval from the Greenhouse Manager.

6. Users are responsible for management of crop-to-lamp distance for all types of fixtures.

7. If Users fail to properly hang and clean their fixtures, the Manager may disconnect the fixtures until the problems are corrected.

8. Users should consolidate plants on lighted benches to avoid having several lighted benches when one bench might accommodate the plants. GOPS crew will turn off fixtures that are on over empty benches.

9. Plant materials must not be allowed to grow on or into light fixtures. Pesticide spray service may be withheld when plants cannot be sprayed without spraying onto electrical light fixtures.

10. Whenever the GOPS crew notes a problem with User lighting, they will try to resolve it with the User. If problems continue, the Manager will notify the appropriate GOC Representative in writing and the Representative will assist in resolving the issue.

11. DO NOT toss fixtures or lamps in the dumpsters without contacting the GOPS crew or OSU EHS for instructions for disposal.