June 3, 2020

1) All projects involving hemp require prior university approval. Principle Investigators must have authorization to grow and handle hemp pursuant to requirements set forth under state and federal law,  and OSU policy. OSU Greenhouse (GOPS) users therefore need to contact the Global Hemp Innovation Center (GHIC) at Hemp@oregonstate.edu to acquire approval prior to growing and handling hemp within the OSU Greenhouses.

2) Verification of research project approval is record of the project in the OSU database of hemp researchers, and the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) Grower and Handler registration numbers for the greenhouse where the specific project is located. The ODA registration numbers are given to GOPS by GHIC, and will be kept on file for the specific hemp plant research projects. ODA Grower and Handler registration numbers for where hemp is grown are required for compliance with state and federal law.

3) It is understood that the Principal Investigator assumes 100% responsibility for compliance with all federal, state, and OSU laws, rules, and regulations for growing and handling hemp within the OSU Greenhouses. This includes documenting that their staff has reviewed the OSU Greenhouse Operations Hemp Policy & Guidelines, and the OSU Guidelines for Cannabis Research . All other guidelines for using the OSU Greenhouses for hemp research are the same as those for all other greenhouse users.

4) The following items are required information for successful projects in the greenhouses. Contact GOPS at 541-737-2381 or ghtechs@oregonstate.edu to give this information to the GOPS staff.

  1. Desired environmental temperatures for day and night
  2. Pest management – thresholds, biocontrol use, and any special needs
  3. Watering requests
  4. Supplemental lighting requests
  5. Other requests or need for cultural recommendations

5) OSU Greenhouse growers and handlers must follow hemp disposal guidelines as follows:

  1. Compliant plant material: contain material in brown or black disposal bags and put bags in dumpsters.
  2. Other plant material: contact the EH&S Controlled Substance Coordinator for specific instructions. Find contact information at the Enviromental Health & Safety Controlled Substance page.

6) All hemp growers and handlers need to be aware and considerate of other user groups who share the greenhouses. This includes the following topics:

  1. Security – locked doors, visibility, and other concerns
  2. Odor – hemp is the first crop with an odor that permeates other areas of the greenhouse
  3. Pollen transfer to other hemp projects and outside the confines of OSU greenhouse space.
  4. Keep aisles clear of plant material for ease of watering, avoidance of skin irritation, and to minimize odor permeating clothing
  5. No hemp on corridor benches or outdoors – only within a registered greenhouse room

7) Drying of hemp within the greenhouse facility must have prior approval from GOPS.

8) Any modifications to the greenhouse structure and/or specialized equipment must have prior approval from the GOPS manager. The project initiating any changes is responsible for all cost associated with the modifications or equipment.