If you are a user of the OSU Greenhouses here are the steps to follow in order to update the information on file for your greenhouse sections.

Step 1: Login

Login to the OSU Greenhouse web site using your ONID credentials.

You are already logged into the web site if your browser shows a black bar across the top with  Your Name  Log out  in the top right corner. In this case you can skip this step.

Step 2: Find your content

Go to the Section Users page and find the Greenhouse section(s) that you are responsible for.

Click on the section name (e.g. East 1) to go to the page for that section.

Click on the Edit tab just under the section title.

Step 3: Edit the Page

Now that you are on the edit screen for your content fill in each text field with the appropriate information.

Primary User:

This is the person to whom greenhouse space is assigned by their department (often faculty or principal investigator).

Principal Employees:

This is the person or people using the greenhouse space at the primary user's discretion (often research assistants, technicians, graduate & undergraduate students). 

To add a new person to this field simply type their name and a phone number they can be reached at. 

Spraying Contact:

This is the person that Greenhouse Operations will communicate with when pest issues arise.

Last Updated/Reviewed:

Even if you have no changes to the information for your section we still ask that you update the Last Updated/Reviewed field with the current date and your initials. This lets us know that the previous information is still current for your section(s).

Save your Changes:

Once you have made your changes you need to save them before leaving the web page. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and click on the Green Save button.

Experiencing issues:

If you encounter any problems during this process please contact web support with details of your problem.