Appendix: Grant information

Appendix: Grant information

Funding and other resources

Master’s level training: Funding at $41,000 for each fellow. This consists of a student stipend of $18,500 per year for two years, plus $2,000 per year cost-of-education allowance.


In order for individuals to receive Fellowship stipend support they must:

  1. Be citizens of the United States of America as determined in accordance with Federal Law
  2. Have strong interest as judged by the institution in pursuing a degree in a national Targeted Expertise Shortage Area (TESA), are preparing for a career as a food or agricultural or natural resources scientist or professional, are registered as full-time students; and
  3. Not have: (a) completed more than one semester or equivalent hours of full-time study as defined by the institution, or (b) been enrolled previously in the academic program at the same degree level.

The TESA for this program is “Integrative Biosciences for Sustainable Food and Agricultural Systems”.

Appendix: Faculty on and off campus expertise

Faculty HAREC


Area of Expertise Department1
DeBano, Sandra Terrestrial ecology; native pollinators F&W
Frost, Kenneth Plant pathology; modelling B&PP
Goyer, Aymeric Plant biochemistry; plant nutrition; crop improvement B&PP
Rondon, Silvia Irrigated crop entomology; insect ecology, management, crop pest management CSS
Sathuvali, Sagar Potato breeder Hort
Wooster, David Aquatic ecology; biomonitoring F&W
TBA Irrigated cropping systems; nutrient management CSS
TBA Rural community economics AREC
TBA Horticulturist Hort
On campus Faculty    
Edge, Dan Associate Dean CAS
Hamm, Phil HAREC Station director B&PP
Noller, Jay Dept. Chair CSS
Ciuffetti, Lynda Dept Chair B&PP
Heppell, Selina Dept. Chair F&W

1: Department codes are: F&W = Fisheries and Wildlife, B&PP = Botany and Plant Pathology, CSS = Crop and Soil Science, AREC = Agriculture and Resource Economics, Hort = Horticulture.  All departments are in the College of Agricultural Sciences (CAS) except Pharmacy which is a separate college.