Harold "Hal" Schudel, founder of Oregon's Plantation-Grown Christmas Tree Industry, Presents His Life Story

In his 92 years, Hal Schudel has seen a great deal, from massive Nebraska dustbowl storms to movie stars on the vibrant Christmas tree lots of 1980s Los Angeles. In his life story, From the Great Plains to the Great Northwest – My 90 Year Journey, he tells about those experiences and how they shaped his career as a pioneering Christmas tree grower and Angus cattle rancher.

Hal earned his undergraduate and Master of Science degrees in agriculture at the University of Nebraska. After his World War II experience as a B-24 bomber pilot, he came to Oregon State University for a doctorate in agronomy. With his partner, Paul Goodmonson, he began to develop the idea of growing and pruning evergreen trees in rows like a crop. The industry boomed, especially in Oregon which became the top Christmas tree-producing state in the country. Holiday Tree Farms, now operated by Hal's three sons, ships close to a million trees every year.

Hal Schudel's life story is shaped by a dedication to hard work, strong family values, and a drive to live life of the fullest. From the Great Plains to the Great Northwest – My 90 Year Journey is available through LifeWriter Personal Histories, www.life-writer.com, or directly from Hal and Lois Schudel, holidayranch@aol.com. For more information, contact Maia Fischler, LifeWriter Personal Histories, 541-745-7391 or maia@life-writer.com.