Comprehensive Research

Interdisciplinary Innovation

OSU's research includes a diverse and comprehensive team of collaborative leaders in critical disciplines that touch hemp. The Global Hemp Innovation Center serves as a research hub connecting faculty and researchers engaged in plant research, food innovation, pharmacy, public health, public policy, business and engineering. 

Oregon State has an opportunity to provide long-term, comprehensive market access and profitability for our farms by providing alternatives for biomass and other varietals of hemp, including grain, fiber, and other expected uses. 

Research is already taking place at 10 experiment stations across the state and collaboration with OSU's Extension Service will make hemp research further available to Oregonians interested in the development of hemp crops and markets. This unique interdisciplinary approach allows the University to explore multiple areas of research for this emerging field of study at the same time, with complementary disciplines uncovering potential new discoveries in hemp production, textile and construction materials, essential oils, and foods.

OSU Hemp Faculty Research Liaisons

Jane Ishmael
Jane Ishmael

Associate Professor
College of Pharmacy
GHIC Liaison for Biomedical and Veterinary Research
Member and Advisor to the OSU Research Office Cannabis Working Group
Compliance liaison for cannabis research involving human subjects, animal subjects and Environmental Health & Safety
Member of Institutional Review Board (IRB)


Govinda Shrestha

Assistant Professor (Practice) Hemp