for OSU Employees

Hemp at OSU

Cannabis Research Involving Human or Animal Subjects: Cannabis research is a highly regulated area that is subject to frequently changing laws, regulations, and policies. For help navigating the complex compliance requirements related to human or animal research in this area, please contact Jane Ishmael, GHIC liaison for Biomedical and Veterinary Research.

Hemp Disposal: OSU generated hemp wastes must be handled appropriately to avoid endangering public health and the environment. These wastes may be regulated as solid or hazardous wastes and may include the hemp plant material, hemp-infused products, pesticides, fertilizers, solvents, wastewater, and other wastes. Access the Hemp Disposal Guide on the OSU Environmental Health & Safety website. 

Hemp Industry in the Classroom: When you invite a representative of the hemp industry to interact with any OSU students, you will need them to complete the OSU Hemp Certification Form. Send the completed, signed document to

Hemp Research Registry: The Global Hemp Innovation Center works with the vice president for research to ensure all hemp related activities follow current university policies, state and federal laws. Therefore, we ask that all Oregon State University faculty who are currently engaged or plan to engage in hemp research complete the Faculty Hemp Research Form.

ODA Permits (Grower/Handler): The Global Hemp Innovation Center (GHIC) submits applications for hemp grower/handler permits to the ODA on behalf of university locations/researchers. Please check with Kristin Rifai, GHIC Administrator, to find out if your location is covered. She will send you a copy of the registration for your location or submit an application to ODA on your behalf.

OSU On-Farm Research: OSU Faculty doing research on private farms should ensure the farm is certified by ODA to grow hemp; and complete and sign the OSU Hemp Certification Form. Send the completed, signed document to The faculty member should complete the Faculty Hemp Research Form.


Cannabis Research Policy: Guidance on Hemp, Marijuana, and other Cannabis Research and Outreach Activities. For faculty, staff, and students involved in research and extension. Cannabis Research Policy

Hemp in Campus Greenhouses: please contact James Ervin, manager of OSU greenhouse operations, if you have any questions about growing hemp in campus greenhouses. Greenhouse policy