US Fish and Wildlife Service and regional MANRRS Chapters Collaborate for student internship opportunities

USFWS staff in the Pacific Northwest region are piloting a first and second year undergraduate internship for students in the region’s chapters of the Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Related Sciences (MANRRS) organization. The goal is to expose students to different conservation projects, partners, and skillsets used by Service staff, and provide experiential ‘stepping stones’ to later internships like Pathways (Seasonal and Career), the Directorate Fellows Program (DFP), and more.


The pilot year for the MANRRS summer internship went well. Here are links to stories about student experiences of some of the projects they worked on.  

Based on the feedback, the program was impactful for all the students and even helped put our agency on the map for potentially pursuing a career with us. We are continuing the program next summer: 

Eligibility –We are accepting students who are Freshman or Sophomores (as of Fall 2022). They must be at least 18 years old (by May 2023) and a U.S. citizen. Finally, potential applicants MUST be an active MANRRS member. Activities include coming to chapter meetings, helping with or participating in MANRRS sponsored events or being a member of a chapter committee or executive team.  

Students do not need prior internship experience, only a desire to learn more about and pursue a career in conservation.  

Juniors and Seniors are a case-by-case basis and should chat with me about their options before applying to this program.  

Students who participated in this program in 2022 are more than welcome to reapply for 2023.  

Please keep in mind that USFWS is attempting to create a pipeline for hiring students after they graduate. They shouldn’t think of this opportunity of a one and done summer internship. Instead, our aim is to hire them via our DFP or Pathways programs.  

Program Benefits – The internship is 11-weeks and they can start in May (May 22nd- August 4th) or June (June 19th – September 1st). Participants will get a $600 weekly stipend, up to $1500 per month for housing, $750 to travel to/from site at the start and end of the internship and health insurance for the 11 weeks.