Amber Snail Trial


Tiny amber snails on plant stems.

Very tiny amber snails are only about the size of a new plant bud.

Student counting snails.

Joan Dudney, a Clackamas Community College student, helps out with the trial.

Amber snails are tiny, and in Oregon, predominantly native snails that sometimes infest nursery shipments which can lead to expensive rejections or shipment destruction. We have conducted several amber snail chemical management trials including foliar and bait evaluations at NWREC.

In our late summer trial in artificial containers systems, two of our botanical treatments gave 70% control or better. In a trial with natural infestations on nursery plants there are more places for the amber snails to hide, avoiding spray contact. Preliminary results indicate that carbamate molluscicides had greatest effect on killing the snails while the botanical products were not significantly different than the untreated controls.

Final Report-Evaluation of amber snail management treatments in nursery production facilities.
(word doc)

Results from the bait trials will be reported when Rosetta returns from sabbatical.