In accordance with the 2013 Oregon House Bill 3364, the 2018 Report of the State IPM Coordinating Committee is now released for public comment. Comments on the report will be accepted through July 15th, 2018. The report and comment submission process can be accessed here:

Click here for 2018 State IPM Report

The State IPM Report is intended to describe the status of Oregon’s state agency IPM programs, including the committee meetings held, and the IPM status of each state agency involved that uses state-owned or leased property. This includes advances, innovations, and training activities in IPM, as well as key challenge areas and recommendations for program improvements. Discussion and final comments on the report will be an agenda item at the next State IPM Committee Meeting, date TBA. Following the comment submission process, the web page above will host meeting dates and other information about the Oregon IPM Coordinating Committee.

For more information, please contact Katie Murray: