Be a premier and trusted international program at the forefront of critical global issues and new opportunities related to sustainable agricultural and natural resource conservation. 


CAS International Programs supports and promotes students, faculty and stakeholders to engage as global citizens, optimize impacts and solve complex problems for a better tomorrow.


CAS International Programs focuses on four initiatives to enrich Oregon and beyond:

  1. Expand experiential opportunities and prepare students for a globally connected world and dynamic careers that is inclusive and equitable.
  2. Further internationalize motivated faculty and staff across Oregon by supporting their efforts, recognizing their achievements and facilitating their global work. 
  3. Engage Oregonians and take advantage of global trends for added value to our economy, environment and communities.
  4. Maximize our impact by identifying strategic initiatives that align with CAS, OSU and Oregon's values and strengths.
  5. Emphasize diversity, inclusion, equity and accessibility in our programming to benefit underrepresented and often marginalized students, faculty and communities in Oregon and beyond.