Check out the Christmas tree PMSP publication listed below. Check out the Christmas tree PMSP publication listed below. Katie Murray, Research Assistant Katie Murray, Research Assistant, OSU

I and my assistant, Katie Murray, assist various commodity groups in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest to develop a PMSP for their particular industry.  PMSPs are widely recognized as a conduit for communication from growers and other IPM practitioners to regulators and granting agencies. These documents give a realistic view of pest management issues and strategies used in the field, and provide a forum for growers and other agricultural professionals to set meaningful research, regulatory, and educational priorities. 

The PMSP, developed by growers and other stakeholders, is a document that highlights and enumerates the pests and pest management strategies, field activities, and critical pest management needs (research, regulatory, and educational) of an industry. The PMSP can provide a road map for an industry, to help focus where time, money, and energy should be spent on pest management issues. In addition, federal grants for pest management research and extension programs often require evidence that a particular project reflects a true industry priority; the PMSP provides that evidence, enabling grant dollars to flow to researchers. 

Recent PMPSs that we’ve completed include: pears, blueberries, Christmas trees, and bivalves. PMSPs for other Oregon crops and for other states can be viewed at:


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