Agriculture Economics

2011 Oregon County and State Agricultural Estimates 

Tools for Agricultural Management & Marketing

  • OSU Oregon Agricultural Information Network Enterprise Budgets - provide a useful tool for analyzing the costs, returns and potential profitability of various agricultural enterprises. OSU Enterprise Budget Sheets are available as PDF (Portable Document Format) files which are the equivalent to printed publications, or as XLS files which are Microsoft Excel 97 Spreadsheet templates that allow you to substitute your own figures for revenues and costs, making it your own enterprise budget.

  • The Pacific Northwest Risk Management Education Project - provides risk management tools for understanding and integrating the three interrelated areas of financial risk, market (price) risk, and production risk into effective management decision-making.

  • USDA Farm Risk Plans - USDA Federal Crop Insurance Program link.
  • Western Extension Risk Management Education Center - The Western Extension Risk Management Education Center (Western Center) is one of five USDA NIFA Extension Risk Management Education Centers. Partnering with state university Extension educators and public and private sector partners in the west, the Center provides tools and training to support producers in establishing long-term risk management strategies that will strengthen the economic viability of their farm and ranch enterprises.