Leadership Academy Ecampus, Spring 2024:

You are invited to apply for our new and upcoming Leadership Academy Exampus Experience, offered Spring term 2024! We are designing this course with Ecampus students specifically in mind. In fact, this course is restricted so only students who are listed as distance education students can register! We know that the demographics of distance students is different than that of on-campus students in that they may be older, they may not be in Corvallis/Oregon, they may be working full time or taking care of children/family, they may have had full-time professional work experience, or more! We believe that by bringing together diverse students through distance education we will be able to create a unique remote community full of leadership learning and development. 

Things to know: 

  • This course has zoom class sessions, held five times throughout Spring Term. These zoom sessions are to be treated as regular class sessions where attendance and participation are expected.
  • Similar to the in-person Leadership Academy, this course will be bringing in mentors and guest speakers to present to the class.
  • This course is restricted to distance education students in the College of Agricultural Sciences and College of Forestry.

Applications for Spring 2024 are now closed!

Beyond Spring 2024:

Our goal of this course is to become a year long program, similar to that of the in-person Leadership Academy. However, with regards to the timing of when we were able to offer this course, the Spring 2024 Ecampus Leadership Academy is a stand-alone course, with no further commitment. Regardless if you participate in this term’s program or not, we will be opening up applications for our first year-long Ecampus Leadership Academy Experience this summer. Please reach out to the instructor or department coordinator to request to be notified when applications open for 2024-2025.

Frequently Asked Questions

For several years the leadership program within the College of AgSci has had a growing, successful leadership academy. We are now working to expand the program and offer this interactive, hands-on leadership experience to e-campus via remote learning. Distance education students deserve an opportunity to collaborate and connect with other leaders, just like on-campus students, and we are excited to make this a possibility.

This course is restricted to OSU students who are distance education students. While we understand that on-campus based students may be interested in participating in this course via zoom, we feel that they should first take advantage of the on-campus section of this course. We are reserving this course for e-campus students only to provide them with a unique remote learning experience, allowing them to still collaborate and connect even though they are not on-campus.

This program is also intended for students within the College of Agricultural Sciences and the College of Forestry.

The dates and times of the zoom sessions are as follows (in Pacific Time):

  • Thursday, 4/11, 4-5:20PM (week 2)
  • Thursday, 4/25, 4-5:20PM (week 4)
  • Thursday, 5/9, 4-5:20PM (week 6)
  • Thursday, 5/23, 4-5:20PM (week 8)
  • Thursday, 6/6, 4-5:20PM (week 10)

During the zoom sessions we will spend time getting to know each other; debriefing over material; collaborating through brainstorming, discussions, and reflections; and building a unique remote community where we can grow as leaders together.

Similarly to the on-campus section of Leadership Academy, we will be bringing in mentors to meet with students, so that the students can gain insight regarding application of the course materials through their mentors’ experiences. We will also bring in a guest speaker to deliver a lecture on leadership!

On “off” weeks (when there isn’t a zoom meeting), students will have small activities to continue their engagement with class peers and materials. These activities will rotate from group and personal reflections, discussions, reading, and more.

Applications are required for the Leadership Academy, both for the online and in-person programs.

After your application is received, you will be contacted by the instructor within a few days with next steps.

We understand that things come up unexpectedly that may cause you to miss a zoom class session. While we want the students to commit to participating in each session, we recognize that this may not be possible. Especially working with e-campus students, these individuals may have to work, have an appointment or something already scheduled that may interfere with them attending all 5 sessions.

We are working on developing a grading system that allows a student to miss a lesson and make up those points by doing alternative makeup work. Alternative makeup work will be available for all sessions, though students will not necessarily be able to make up all the points if they miss more than one session.

As this course’s meetings are over zoom, we recommend every participating student have the equipment necessary to actively participate. This includes (but is not limited to) a secure internet connection, a computer/laptop/tablet with zoom installed, a camera, and a quiet place to take these meetings.

Spring 2024 is designed as a preview for the year-long e-campus series which will be offered 2024-2025. Some content may be repeated, but we will ensure that those who wish to continue for the full 2024-2025 school year will have the opportunity to digest new content, meet with new mentors, hear from new speakers, and submit new assignments/activities. Spring 2024 content will not be directly repeated in Spring 2025, but the content may be sprinkled throughout the entire academic year.

Zoom meetings are a great tool to join people together over large distances. Participants are expected to have their camera on and participate in activities and discussions.

We recommend trying to log onto zoom a few minutes early to the class session to deal with any potential surprise updates. If you continue to not be able to get on zoom, please switch to a new device (if you are able). Lastly, if the zoom session has begun, please email the instructor. You will not be penalized for technical difficulties, however we do expect you to do as much as you can to avoid this problem.

Please reach out to our team with your contact information and we will reach back out this summer to notify you when applications open for next school year! Not participating in Spring 24 does not prohibit you from participating in the future. NOTE: Participation for the full 2024-2025 school year is just that- a full school year commitment, not a single term (unlike the preview we are putting on Spring 2024).

Applications are required for the Leadership Academy, both for the online and in-person programs.

After your application is received, you will be contacted by the instructor within a few days with next steps.

Please contact the course instructor, Rebekah Short ( with any questions or comments.