2011 - 2012 Fellows

Christopher Ottoboni

My name is Christopher Ottoboni and I am a Senior from San Rafael, California. Through my participation in the Leadership Academy, I hope to grow in several areas. One area is to become better at collaboration and conflict management. By learning this skill set, I will be better prepared to handle difficult situations that arise in the workplace between conflicting groups or individuals. Another area I hope to grow is in the ability to motivate others. With this skill, you can create a more effective workplace and inspire people to do their best.

I feel that my experience in this academy will help me to get more out of my education here at Oregon State University. Most classes in the university are focused on technical skills or concepts, but with the Leadership Academy, we will be able to get people and leadership skills that are necessary for moving into managerial positions in our chosen field of work.

I think that there are many characteristics that make up a good leader. Two fundamental characteristics are the ability to motivate others and the ability to see past the present circumstances and vision future outcomes and opportunities.

My long-term career goal is to become a silviculture manager for a private company or state agency, focusing on either reforestation or fuels and stand density management. After I have received enough experience in this area, I hope to start work as a forestry consultant for private landowners.

Helen Walters 

My name is Helen Walters. I am a sophomore from Eugene, Oregon.  

There are many areas in my leadership that I know I must grow, and I am hoping that the Leadership Academy will help with this. Specifically, I hope to grow in my personal leadership among peers. Treading the line between leader, friend, and boss is a thin line to walk on and I hope to be able to learn about dealing with it this year. Also, through the Leadership Academy I am looking forward to being thrown into more leadership situations where I have to use the current skills I have and look for ways to make them better. 

The Leadership Academy offers a unique opportunity to work one-on-one with a faculty member as a mentor along with fellow undergrads who are motivated and want to improve their leadership skills. It is important to work and discover along others who are motivated. In addition, it is nice to be able to talk with the professor who acts as mentor and see what ideas they have about leadership and ways to improve. The most valuable part about the Leadership Academy is the fact that each member will get out of it what they put in. It is not a situation where the teacher is pushing the student to do better, instead the student pushes him/herself to do better.  

A good leader has the ability to take the back seat and listen to other’s opinions and suggestions and find a compromise that suits everyone. In addition, a good leader understands that he/she can learn something from everyone they come into contact with and are open and receptive to new information and experiences.  

Currently I am hoping to finish my undergrad and proceed onto graduate school in some realm of oceanography. As far as very long-term career goals I am open to whatever options are presented to me and hope to narrow my focus even more as I finish my undergrad and start my graduate school. 

Jon C. Calhoun 

My name is Jon C. Calhoun and I am a junior from North Powder, Oregon. Through the Leadership Academy I hope to grow in numerous areas. More specifically, I would like to concentrate on improving communication skills, conflict management, becoming more aware of self, and sustaining leadership. 

The Leadership Academy will enhance my experience at Oregon State University in a plethora of areas. The Leadership Academy is an organization that inspires and encourages fellows of the Academy to reach their true potential through a guiding mentor, group-oriented events, leadership assessments, bi-weekly seminars, and an in-depth Personal Development Plan. With that said, fellows are expected to become involved with a new organization that is in the College of Agricultural Sciences, a club outside of the college, and to participate in an off-campus community group. From becoming involved across the community, the possibility of new friendships is likely, as well as being an influential citizen both on and off campus, and acquiring the essential attributes of a quality leader - all are positive outcomes that will exponentially enhance my college experience.  

No two leaders are the same, although they do possess many of the same qualities. Quality leaders should always possess a strong work ethic, be enthusiastic and focused, set a good example, be firm but fair, express appreciation, follow through with the promises made, and lastly, do not seek the limelight.  

After receiving my Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Business Management, with a minor in Crop Science from Oregon State University, I hope to fulfill a career with CHS Inc; with emphasis on international grain trade. This career choice is a three-step program. Currently at Oregon State, I am applying for a Grain Marketing Procurement Merchandiser Internship Program from CHS Inc. that is in the corporate headquarters in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota. After completing the internship program, students are encouraged to enter the Grain Marketing Procurement Merchandiser Trainee Program. This training program prepares perspective employees for a lifelong career within CHS Inc. After both the internship and trainee opportunities are complete, I hope to be a Grain Marketing Procurement Merchandiser with CHS Inc. in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota.   

Magdalena Pope 

My name is Magdalena Pope and I am from Cave Junction, Oregon. I am a sophomore studying Agricultural Sciences. My long-term career goal is to be an Air Force fighter pilot.  

While in the Leadership Academy, I hope to grow in expanding my confidence and ability to lead others. I feel that I have certain strengths that are quite strong; I would like to become more “well-rounded” in several strengths. I definitely have the environment to become a good leader through the Air Force, but I feel that the leadership academy can provide me with more reflection on what I have done correct or incorrectly. Meeting with Leadership Academy mentors helps to break down what is going well and what is not, through the different evaluations and simple conversations; it brings out several weaknesses that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. 

In the Leadership Academy I look forward to building relationships with peers that have the same ambitious attitudes towards life as I do. It will also expand my involvement in activities outside of what I am used to. I feel the Leadership Academy has been very helpful in encouraging activities that pull me out of my comfort zone, everyone has one and for me it takes something more extreme than normal because I am constantly out of my comfort zone as a cadet. This has proven to be an excellent aspect of being involved in the Leadership Academy and I look forward to this expansion of horizons as a student at Oregon State University. 

A good leader is someone who leads by example, always puts integrity first and whose mission is selfless and fully dedicated to the best outcome for the cause at hand. 

Maija Haggith 

My name is Maija Haggith and I am from Bellingham, Washington. I a junior studying Agricultural Sciences.  

Through my participation in the Leadership Academy, I hope to improve my communication skills as well as my professionalism skills.  I feel that these by improving these areas it will help me grow as a person.  

By participating in the Leadership Academy, I feel that it will enhance my experience here at Oregon State; helping me expand my knowledge of different events and organizations that Oregon State has to offer. As a junior, I am in a routine, going to class, partaking in Greek life and the dairy club. By participating in the Leadership Academy, I am branching out of my comfort zone.  

To me a good leader is someone who has a vision that is beneficial for others.  In addition, they are caring and are willing to provide help to others at the drop of a hat.  

My long-term career plan is to first graduate from Oregon State University with a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science and Agricultural Sciences.   My career goal is to work in the agricultural field.  I would like to work for a company as a representative in different states, promoting their products and answering consumer questions. 

Marie Petrie 

My name is Marie Petrie and I am from Coos Bay, Oregon. I am a Junior majoring in Forestry.  

While in the Leadership Academy, I’d like to grow in a social aspect, be more prepared for interaction around others in the workplace and life in general. I want to have a positive impact on those around me. 

I believe the Leadership Academy will help me to become more involved with OSU, so I will learn more fully and give back to the community.  

A leader is a person who truly listens and shows interests in what the other person has to say, that has contagious enthusiasm for what they do, and that doesn’t skimp on honest praise and bites back any criticism or negativity.  

I would love to continue my work with the US Forest Service, as well as someday working for my Tribe (The Confederated Tribes of Coos, Lower Umpqua and Siuslaw Indians). I greatly enjoy the Silviculture aspect of forestry, along with Fire. As long as I’m working outdoors, I’m very content. 

Tom Griffin 

My name is Tom Griffin and I am from Culver, Oregon. While in the Leadership Academy, through working with a faculty mentor, I hope to increase my leadership abilities especially in the areas of strategic communication, maximizing individual strengths in a team setting, and managing conflict to produce positive outcomes. Further, I hope to develop an awareness of professional norms before being put into situations where I have to use them, particularly by learning from other’s experiences. 

While in the Leadership Academy, I expect to build a meaningful and lasting relationship with my mentor and other faculty members on campus. Additionally, I expect the Leadership Academy requirements to help me engage in diverse activities in meaningful ways that I probably would not have, if it weren’t for the program. 

I think that a good leader is aware of his team member’s strengths and motivations. A good leader strives to communicate effectively and efficiently with those around him. A good leader has a positive awareness of how his words and actions are perceived by others.

Miriam Hawk 

I am Miriam Hawk and I am from Talent, Oregon. I am a senior studying Viticulture. As I spend this next year as part of the Leadership Academy, I hope to develop more of a heart for serving others while also minimizing my ‘me mentality’. I would also like to develop more skills to be the most effective leader I can as I enter the workforce. I want to develop a greater understanding for working with people who see things differently than I do, and not allowing a difference in opinions effect how I see someone.  

I think the Leadership Academy will enhance my OSU experience by providing me with a mentor that can guide me and provide me with additional insight as I approach graduation. I think LA also gives me the opportunity to interact with a group of students and professors who will help keep me accountable and push me in ways that I wouldn’t necessarily push myself.  

I am a good leader because I genuinely care about helping people to be the best they can be, I thrive from interactions with others, and I can sense potential areas of strength in people, which allows me to delegate responsibilities accordingly. I am not afraid to seize opportunities as they are presented to me, I can get along with almost anyone, and I use my strong sense of ambition and visionary thinking to direct my goals.  

After graduating from Oregon State with my degree in viticulture and enology, I plan to take a year off from school to travel, work in the industry, and develop an even stronger sense of what I want to do with my life. I then plan to go back to school to earn my MBA with a focus on wine marketing and sales; I want to research the various elements that cause the average consumer to select one type of wine over another. Eventually I would like to work in the business sector of the wine industry in either sales or marketing. After I feel that I have acquired adequate skill and knowledge, I would like to either design my own wine label or open “not your typical” wine shop.  

Sierra Laverty 

My name is Sierra Laverty and I am from Boise, Idaho. I am a sophomore studying Horticulture. Through my involvement in the Leadership Academy, I hope to grow in the specific areas of decision making, effective and clear communication, and self-confidence.  

I expect that the Leadership Academy will enhance my experience at Oregon State University by challenging me to look at my actions in a different way, helping me step out of my comfort zone, making industry connections, providing a support system with students also interested in developing leadership skills in similar areas 

I think that a good leader is a multi-faceted individual that can connect a community to their goals is a leader. A good leader is someone who can do this by enriching the lives of others while still maintaining the purpose of and passion for their original ambitions. 

My long-term career goal is to connect my passion for winemaking and viticulture with my love and appreciation for people. This may develop into an organization that provides funding and resources for new vineyards in poorer regions of the world. It might become a sponsored consulting program for smaller vintners or wineries right here in Oregon. I have an unyielding desire to create positive change in a community’s life and won’t let the element of a competitive industry diminish that desire. 

Tyson Snider 

My name is Tyson Snider and I am from Klamath Falls, Oregon. Through the Leadership Academy I hope to develop the skills that will prepare me for a lifelong learning process of leadership. This knowledge will help me grow through the following year as well as an entire lifetime.  

The Leadership Academy is going to push my limits and place me in situations that I normally wouldn’t put myself in. It will introduce me to people on campus that I normally wouldn’t associate myself with and will provide me with many opportunities outside of just going to class.  

A good leader is someone who cares about his or her people and is trustworthy. They also have a goal in mind that they are trying to achieve and they can take steps to reach that goal.  

My long-term career goal is to become a fighter pilot in the United State Air Force. I also plan on either continuing flying upon retiring from the military or beginning my own business.