2019-2020 Fellows

Abdul Alamro     

I am a Junior studying Agricultural Sciences and Leadership. I believe that having the chance to be a part of this academy will help me grow as a person, and as a leader. Leadership has, and always will be a big part of who I am. I am a father, a husband to my wife, a leader in my community, and a student. This means I spend my day switching between being a leader and sometimes being a follower, and am always open to learning different skills.


Adriana Perez

I am a junior studying Plant Genetics and Breeding. I plan to own my own farm and retail business. Achieving this, I would need to learn more leadership skills and know how to incorporate them correctly. To maintain a good business that will last through the years and evolve with the technology that will be needed to be successful. I plan to own my own farm and retail business. Achieving this, I would need to learn more leadership skills and know how to incorporate them correctly. To maintain a good business that will last through the years and evolve with the technology that will be needed to be successful.

Alexis Knight

Hi, my name is Alexis Knight, and I am a Junior studying Agricultural Sciences. I hope to become a veterinary orthopedic surgeon. I believe that veterinarians play a vital role as teachers. Since I started working with veterinarians at the Woodburn Veterinary Clinic and volunteering with the veterinarians at the OSU Small Animal Hospital, I have learned so much about the profession I have dreamed of for so long. These professionals take time out of their day to answer my questions and teach me skills that I will need throughout my entire career. Someday, I want to be that kind of professional for other students. For these reasons, in my personal life and career, I believe in the importance of leading by example, which is a life-long goal of mine.

Amelia Hansen

I am a Junior in Agriculture Business Management, with a minor in Forestry Management. I think the Leadership Academy will be a great opportunity to learn useful leadership skills, become more involved within the school, and build relationships and connections. Personally, I feel that no matter what job you hold, leadership skills will always serve you well! With my degree in particular, I do foresee leadership being one of the traits that I will need to practice in my future, so I would like to be as well prepared for that as I can be!

Amy Groh

Hi, my name is Amy and I am a Junior studying Animal Sciences with a Pre-Vet option. I want to be a part of the leadership academy for the platform it can give. I believe having a strong base of faculty and friends within a major is the key to success and with the Leadership Academy I can find this. Along the lines of my career goals I think leadership is a very important factor in the veterinary field. The leadership roles I hold now will help me and act as stepping stones to the job force as all these traits are important to hold in any job, especially the veterinary field.

Andrew Dunn

Hi, my name is Andreaw, and I am a Junior in Agricultural Sciences. I plan to become an Ag Educator and livestock judge. I currently am in a few leadership positions so I want to be able to put myself in the best possible position for those, as well as keep doors open for my future endeavors. Specifically, I hope to work on my skills in public speaking and emotional intelligence.

Annika Rietmann

I am a Sophomore studying Animal Sciences and I hope to either be a cattle rancher or a nurse. Having leadership skills is very important in life and this seems like a great opportunity to develop these skills further. I see leadership playing a role in several aspects of my life. Within agriculture I know it is incredibly important to have good communication and leadership skills to work in teams, communicate agriculture practices to the general public, and to just be a part of a rural community. It does not matter what career I have I know that leadership skills will be a necessity if I want to be the best I can be.

Ashley Durning

Hi, my name is Ashley and I am a Junior in Agricultural Sciences hoping to eventually become an Ag Education teacher and FFA advisor. I feel being a part of the Leadership Academy would help me immensely. I would like to learn how to be a better leader and develop my existing skills further. I find I still struggle with being assertive and standing up for myself and my values. I hope that involvement in the Leadership Academy will change my weaknesses into strengths. Having the opportunity to work with a mentor and meet potential employers would also be very beneficial. A mentor could also aid me in developing traits they have learned are important that I may not have realized yet. Leadership will play a huge role in both my career and personal life.

Baylee-Ann Amion-Jarra

I am a Senior studying Animal Sciences. I feel like the Leadership Academy will help prepare me for the 'real world' and shape me into the best version of myself. For my career I plan on moving to the outer countries and working with wildlife at either a wildlife reservation or somewhere that focuses on saving and protecting animals. I would like to work on my skills in decision making, receiving feedback, and generating input and ideas for my team.

Bella Giraud

I am a Sophomore studying Agricultural Sciences, and hope to be a high school agricultural educator and FFA advisor. My goal of becoming a high school Agriculture Educator and Future Farmers of America chapter advisor requires me to have a strong understanding and ability to lead a group of people in a positive direction while allowing the students to develop as leaders themselves. The Leadership Academy is an opportunity to grow my individual leadership skills as well as network with other students and faculty members who can help me better myself as a leader. I hope to grow my skills in conflict management, having difficult conversations, and being confident.

Brad Remsey

Hi, I am a Junior studying Soil Science, and I hope to work as an agricultural consultant and eventually own my own business. The academy provides learning opportunities to gain confidence while developing communication skills for learning best managerial practices. Participating in service learning projects are extremely educational and help embellish soft skills through the use of team building activities, and are an opportunity to be involved with and contribute to the community. The skill development program offered through the academy will assist me in developing stronger personal relationships and provide superior qualifications that could help me stand out as I make the transition from a student to professional standing.

Claire Hammond

Hi, my name is Claire and I am majoring in Agricultural Business Management and Business Administration. I hope to help manage, maintain and grow our family ranch. I believe the Leadership Academy is a wonderful opportunity to improve my leadership skills and gain more professional experience. I would love to have the experience of being a part of such a reputable and respectful club that sets its members to a higher standard. Leadership will affect every aspect of my personal and professional life. Whether I'm in the classroom, on a team, being a part of a friend group or my family, it is very important to me that I demonstrate positive leadership qualities that contribute to the success of a goal.

Daisy Chen

I am a Junior majoring in Food Science with a minor in Chemistry. As a first generation college student, attending college has been an exciting but also confusing experience. I believe that being a part of the Leadership Academy will be a factor that differentiates me from other students, and I hope to gain skills in communication and building a team. Leadership is a skill I hope to continue developing in my personal life and career. I want to pursue a doctorate in the medical field, and thus being a leader of a team in very important. Leadership skills will be very helpful to understand how to effectively manage a team and patients under stressful situations.

Danielle Cacdac

I am studying Animal Sciences with a Pre-Vet option in order to become a zoological veterinarian working in a conservation program. Although technical skills are important in this field, clear communication and cooperation is also vital for a team to run smoothly and for the client to get the best service possible. I want to learn how to improve on my weaknesses, such as communicating effectively, while capitalizing on my strengths, such as assisting others when needed, in order to gain the confidence I need to take the initiative and step up as a leader. I think that Leadership Academy can help me do that by helping me establish concrete goals for improvement, teaching me ways to work on my leadership skills, and providing a space where I can actively work on developing soft skills that are essential in the workforce.

Diana Esparza

I am studying Animal Sciences in the hopes of becoming a veterinarian. Leading and allowing myself to be led as a veterinarian will not only improve my communication skills, but also my teamwork skills, which come in handy when working in an environment such as that of a vet. As for my personal life, being a leader allows for the initiative of taking action by not being afraid to do things. It could be as simple as trying new foods or skydiving. Leadership allows for ones confidence to grow and become the better version of oneself. I know that to be successful in the future, I must branch out and work on the skills that need more improvement and for me one of those is leadership.

Elizabeth Brentano

Hi, my name is Elizabeth. I am a Junior studying Animal Sciences. My career goal is to become a licensed veterinarian and worked in livestock medicine. I have learned from my role models that leadership is important in these positions but it is best shown in leading by example rather than leading by proving your authority. I think it is important to be a leader in my personal life because there are little ways that you can express your leadership in your organization or community that make a big impact in helping those around you. I would like to work on myself as a leader to better serve those around me.

Elizabeth (Lizz) Duhn

Hi, my name is Lizz. I am a Senior studying Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences with a minor in Chemistry. As an aspiring resource manager, it is my job to equip myself with the tools I need to succeed in the professional field. I believe that the Leadership Academy will require me to push my limits, gain new insight and offer valuable advice, skills, and techniques. By actively seeking out opportunities and utilizing what I have already learned about leadership I am able to better myself for my future career. This discipline has allowed to me create goals and plans to reach these goals. Leadership has become a way of life and I intend to keep it that way.

Emily Nix

I am a Sophomore studying Agricultural Business Management, hoping to become a member of a team at an agriculturally based company where I can reach out to the public and inform the uninformed about agriculture. This career will require me to have impeccable communication skills and leadership training. I see the Leadership Academy being a way for me to really dive into who I am as a person and learn from mentors that best possible way I can develop my leadership skills alongside peers who are looking for the same thing. I am extremely passionate about agriculture, and strive to develop my leadership skills both personally and professionally every single day. I have learned to take the opportunities to advocate for agriculture as often as possible and I am hoping the leadership team will foster my learning of new communication and leadership skills that will help me thrive in my future career.

Hannah McAuliffe

Hi, I am a Sophomore studying Agricultural Science with a goal to become a high school agricultural teacher and FFA advisor. Leadership will play a huge role in my personal life and in my future career goals. I will need to use leadership in my personal life when participating in clubs in college, interacting with other people throughout my life, and presenting myself as a professional woman in agriculture. I want to be a part of the Leadership Academy because I want to further develop my leadership skills so that I can perform to the best of my ability when in a professional setting. Leadership academy will positively benefit me as I go into my future career of Agricultural Education and help me to become the best teacher and leader that I can be.

Helen Wayne
I am a junior studying Animal Sciences. I have always been a confident and relatively mature person and I think that because of that many people began seeing me as a leader and asking for advice and help. I want to continue to help people learn and grow throughout my life. Leadership will help me to become a successful person, and hopefully also a person that others look up to and trust. 
Henry Golb

I am a Sophomore in Agricultural Sciences, hoping to one day operate my own tree nursery. Owning and operating a business automatically puts you in a leadership position. I want to be successful in my future and I'm preparing for that future here at OSU, thus, being in the Leadership Academy would be an incredible tool to add to my OSU tool box. My entire life I've had school teachers, mentors and sports coaches either tell me I'm a leader or put me in a leadership position. I've always questioned that. I've never tried to establish myself as a leader, but in everything from class projects to fishing trips with friends I usually find myself front and center leading the group. If I am the leader I've been told I am, than I want to embrace that and be the best leader I possibly can be.


Hi, I am a Junior studying Food Science with a minor in Chemistry. Sometimes, I feel the need of a leader to keep the group on track and specify their roles. I will definitely work with lab co-workers and not having leadership skills will be a big challenge for myself and other people. If I can learn a few things about leadership, I will have better qualifications than other applicants too. Because I want to improve myself as an individual, especially in leadership, I want to learn the effective way to lead as this skill is difficult to attain. I also want to meet new peers that have the same goal as me. Having peers that want the same thing will encourage me to the right way and I hope that I can improve my social skills as well. Also, I get to have a mentor that I can learn a lot from.

Ian Thompson-Hernandez

Hi, my name is Ian, and I am studying Bioresource Research with a minor in Chemistry. I believe leadership is an important skill that is necessary for collaborative progress. I believe that these skills will be increasingly vital in my professional goal of becoming a physician in the future. I am interested in the Leadership Academy, because I would like to develop further as a leader. I have acquired many technical skills in these past two years at OSU; however, I believe that developing new leadership skills will allow me to more clear and collaborative in group settings. This leadership development program will both help me reach my professional goal of becoming a physician and enhance my well-roundedness as a student.

James Neeley

I am a Junior studying Fisheries and Wildlife Science. I hope to eventually earn my Ph.D. and become a professor at OSU or a similar research oriented university, so the knowledge and experience of working with the Leadership Academy and networking with OSU faculty would fit perfectly with my goals. Earning a Ph.D. in wildlife science requires a strong set of leadership skills, as you coordinate between your Doctoral Committee, your research assistants, and your personal life. No matter what path ends up being right for me, the leadership skills I would get the opportunity to foster with the CAS Leadership Academy would benefit me greatly. This seems like a very beneficial opportunity that aligns with my personal and career goals very nicely.

Jasmin Yang

Hi, my name is Jasmin, a Senior studying Food Science and Technology and Chemistry. Leadership has been a large part of my life since high school. At OSU, I have been a small group leader for Epic Movement, a Christian campus ministry, for the past two years. Participating in these activities has allowed me to become more confident in leading, as I tend to prefer “behind the scenes” work and planning. Being a part of the leadership academy will also allow me to meet other like-minded students in similar fields. I am also interested in the opportunity to attend leadership conferences and participate in agriculture-related events through the Leadership Academy.

Jennifer Brown

I am a sophomore studying Environmental Economics and Policy. Learning effective leadership skills will benefit all aspects of my life. Because I am pursuing a career change, I have life and work experiences with many different leaders and leadership styles which has given me the understanding that being a good leader is important to not only myself, but those around me as well. Given that perspective, I want to seek out opportunities to improve my leadership, and I believe the Leadership Academy provides an excellent learning experience.

Jensen Kemble

My name is Jensen, a Senior studying Agricultural Business Management. I see leadership playing a major role in both my personal life and career goals. I plan on becoming an active part of my high school's alumni group as well as my home FFA chapter's alumni group. Leadership will also play a role in my career goals in a major way. I plan on becoming a part of the agriculture lending industry after I graduate from Oregon State University. In this industry it is important to take initiative and maintain good relations with both your clients and coworkers. I want to be a part of the Leadership Academy to further my education and make myself a more effective leader. There are very few places that you can learn specific techniques for being a leader within agriculture and I want to take advantage of such a great opportunity.

Jessica Gutierrez

I am a Senior studying Food Science and Technology, hoping to I believe having leadership skills is important for any career as it shows dedication, motivation, and a strive for growth. Having the knowledge and skills of being in a leadership role will also be advantageous in my ability to work well and communicate with others, which is extremely important in the science field since I will most likely be working with a team. I am eager to learn and gain the skills that the Leadership Academy offers so that I can be the best version of myself when I graduate and have a strong sense of who I am, how to communicate well with my peers, and building self-confidence in my abilities that I am currently lacking.

Joe Matteo

Hi, my name is Joe, a Senior studying Natural Resources. I plan to pursue a career as an agricultural and timber attorney, representing the people, communities and livelihoods of rural Oregon. There are leadership challenges certain to arise while working in this career field. Being successful in this line of work will require a high level of intentionality, social awareness and other leadership traits. Leadership is crucial to a successful personal and professional life. Leadership Academy would be a long-term investment into my own future, as well as the people, communities, and organizations I will be a part of throughout my life.

Jordan Chulyak

I am a Junior studying Food Science and Technology with a minor in Chemistry. I find leadership opportunities popping up everyday in the classroom and club life, and I have also found that leadership is one of the most valued traits employers are looking for in potential employees. I have high expectations in my career goals and know that a good leadership skill set is crucial for my success and growth. I feel like a weak point in my resume and experiences is leadership, and I see the Leadership Academy as a great way to gain leadership skills and experiences. I am constantly trying to get the most out of my time at OSU and being a part of the Leadership Academy would be a great opportunity for personal and academic growth for me.

Joshua Lewis

I am a Senior majoring in Forestry. I see leadership offering me confidence. As a forester I have felt pressure of being the only black student, simply because I am easily distinguishable. After transferring colleges multiple times I lost the desire to further my social outreach as well as my self-marketing. I would like to become more active in the community, while also creating useful forestry industry ties along the way once I join the leadership academy. I also think that self-improvement is easier when you have people to hold you accountable, so I hope that by being surrounded by driven, like-minded people I can be pushed more.

Karina Heredia

Hi, my name is Karina and I am a Junior studying Agriculture Business Management and Accounting with a minor in Spanish. Leadership is a skill many take for granted, but many companies and career fields look for. I want to continue and grow as a leader not just once in a while, but every day. My reasons for wanting to be in the leadership academy is to get assistance on developing my leadership skills. Coming from a first generation family I struggle in my everyday life to have the confidence to step up as a leader. I feel that the leadership academy can give me that push and confidence that I need to step up and be the leader I’ve been destined to be.

Karissa Dempewolf

Hi, my name is Karissa, and I am a Junior in Animal Sciences. , I want to become a large animal veterinarian and I think that leadership will be one of the most important aspects because I will be working with individuals that have gone through many years of schooling and have a lot of information to share and utilize. I believe that there is always room for personal growth and development in my life and I feel that the Leadership Academy would give me the opportunity to collaborate with others and learn in ways that I wouldn’t be able to in a traditional classroom. Being a part of this academy would allow me to learn more about myself and other students within the College of Agricultural Sciences that I would have never been able to meet and work with otherwise.

Katie Duggan

I am a Junior studying Agricultural Sciences. I see leadership taking a big part of my career in the future. For the longest time, I did want to be an FFA Advisor and Agricultural Educator, but now I feel more of a pull towards Leadership and Communications in Agriculture generally. Hopefully Leadership Academy can open more doors for me in this industry that I call home, and show me many more development and speaking opportunities that can take me into a future career. I was extremely involved in FFA, 4H, and other community organizations in my youth. I gave up a lot to be at the service of others through those organizations, and I truly believe that being a Servant Leader is one of the best things a person can do.

Kirsten Jones

Hi, my name is Kirsten, a Sophomore studying Botany. I see the Leadership Academy providing me the skill of leadership, a heavily desired trait in the job market which would give me a competitive edge for applications of any kind, whether it be for a job or for educational purposes. On a personal level, I expect my experience in the Leadership Academy to strengthen my confidence because in the end I will know I am capable and have the proficiency to accomplish things well. Improving my leadership skills will allow me to better help my community as well. I believe it will reveal things to me about myself like my strengths and weaknesses so I will know how to better myself as well as reveal things about the professional world so I can learn what the true meaning of a leader is in the professional context.

Logan Quinn

As a Senior entering my fourth year at Oregon State University, majoring in Horticulture with an option in Sustainable and Ecological Horticulture, I’m exploring graduate school and preparing for my career. Both require me to distinguish myself by aligning with exceptional peers, industry leaders and development opportunities which is why I want to be a Leadership Academy Fellow in this prestigious program. I’m open to and have actively sought involvement in different facets of Horticulture from community gardening organizing, nursery work, to laboratory research allowing me to gain technical and soft skills within diverse environments. However, I recognize the need to build my leadership toolkit outside of academia and gain confidence and transferable skills to enhance my career potential.

Madeleine Johnson

My name is Madeleine, a Pre-Veterinary Medicine student. In my personal life, leadership will help me in the classroom setting. It will help me lead a group on a project as well as be able to recognize other leaders that may have different approaches to problems than me. In my career, veterinarians are the main leaders in the hospital. It will be my responsibility to build a strong and productive team that communicates well. I want to be a part of the Leadership Academy because it will help me in my career as a large animal veterinarian.

Maizy Kesterson

Hi, my name is Maizy, a Sophomore majoring in Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences and a minor in Spanish. Leadership is important in all aspects of life. Being a part of the leadership academy will push me to be more confident with myself and others and I believe that it will give me so many valuable opportunities to not only better myself, but also improve the people and the environment around me. In addition, with the growing problems that are arising surrounding the environment and the policies that surround it is increasingly important to build skills that allow me to advocate and speak to others in ways that make a difference.

Matt Liszewski

I am a Senior studying Crop and Soil Science with a minor in Agricultural Business Management. My three years at OSU have taught me that self-improvement is invaluable. The leadership academy will provide a medium for professional improvement and self-reflection. The career experience of the mentors and the aspect of accountability is an awesome resource for development. I would like the opportunity to work with a mentor to perfect my capabilities of working with and leading other people, while improving my time management, understanding my personality strengths/weaknesses, and gaining information about following through with my daily life / career goals.

Metzin Rodriguez

My name is Metzin, and I am a Senior studying Bioresource Research with an option in Sustainable Ecosystems. I’d like to pursue a graduate degree in public policy for a career in sustainable development to address issues about the environment, inequality and to work on humanitarian projects that provide sustainable solutions but are also appropriate for the cultural environment. I would like to be part of the Leadership Academy because I want to grow as a student and a professional, by meeting people from different departments and learn more about their experiences and how they work towards facilitating a more engaging community. I want to find new challenges to strengthen my strengths and weaknesses to become not only a leader with a title but someone approachable and an active listener and advocate.

Otillia Schreuder

Hi, my name is Otillia, and I am a Sophomore studying Crop and Soil Science with a specialization in Agronomy. Knowing myself as a leader will allow me to become more confident in my choices and to ask for help when I am struggling or need help from others. In a career setting, leadership skills are necessary to successfully lead a team in an effective, compassionate way that recognizes the hard work of all people on the team. In addition, being a part of this opportunity would allow me to make authentic relationships with my aspiring peers. I would be able to learn unique skills and different perspectives that would allow me to be a role model for my peers in the crop and soil science department. Learning leadership skills through the leadership academy would allow me to give me back to OSU by being a trained leader.

Paul Catino

Hi, my name is Paul and I am a Junior studying Forestry. I plan on having leadership and personal development as a fundamental part of my career. I am very passionate about working to transform the broken industry of wildland fire management and accomplishing this will require me to develop a high degree of interpersonal skills, charisma, problem-solving, and conflict management. I feel like the leadership academy will be an excellent opportunity for me to focus on developing my positive traits and skills, and identifying areas needing improvement. Currently I am a Leadership minor, and I have thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from my Personal Leadership Development class- more-so than almost any other class I have taken thus far. I feel that taking this a step further through a year-long program will facilitate significant personal growth.

Pedro Usabiaga Orantes

I am a Senior studying Agricultural Business Management with a minor in Horticulture. In a career perspective I see myself managing a company in the produce industry. Most of the time leaders are known as people who are determined, visionaries, confident and intelligent, which can be true. But true leaders are also people who have emotional intelligence too, which means that they are self-conscience, motivated, have social skills and empathy.. As an international student I feel that that the Leadership Academy would be a great opportunity to create relationships with other people in the agricultural industry and expand my network. The opportunity of having a faculty mentor in the program is a great incentive too, especially with the great professors that the College of Agricultural Sciences has at OSU.

Rachel Villarreal

Hi, my name is Rachel and I am a Junior studying Forestry Engineering and earning a GIS Certificate. I will be working in a large team to accomplish different operational and management goals as a timber professional. Learning how to manage a group of people, and the necessary interpersonal communication skills to do so will be integral to my professional success. I also see it increasing my self-confidence and teaching me how to be self-assured in a myriad of situations. The Leadership Academy offers me the opportunity to create personal goals, and to take initiative in my quality of life as a well-balanced student and friend.

Sebastian Powers-Leach

Hi, my name is Sebastian and I am a Junior studying Animal Sciences, hoping to become an agricultural educator. I see leadership as almost a compulsory skill in order to be "successful" in the modern world. For example, being able to step up in a social setting and take charge of a situation is leadership. But leadership also looks like helping lead from behind the scenes and working so that others may be successful. I think leadership also means working for positive social change, which is very important to me and my personal life. Leadership ability is an important, employable trait, practical in almost all facets of life. I want to be a part of this movement of the next generation of leaders; I want to be the change our world needs, and Leadership Academy can help me get there.

Taylor Johnson

I am a Senior majoring in Food Science and Technology with a minor in Chemistry. I think leadership is prevalent in all areas of life, professional and otherwise. I believe that the people who have developed leadership skills are the ones that have the capability to encourage others to reach past their current abilities and think outside the box. Leaders make things happen, and they help not just businesses grow, but people as well. I feel that I've maintained a good grasp on the academic side of university, but I haven't gotten the chance to really develop myself critically on a professional basis. As a result, I don't feel very "rounded out" in my professional career development. I would love the chance to be able to grow in those areas in order to benefit myself as well as my cohorts in future classes, programs, and areas of employment.

Teresa Valdez

I am a Senior majoring in Bioresource Research and Biochemistry, and Molecular Biology. Leadership is important in every aspect of my life, whether being appointed a leadership position/role or leading my peers through example. Developing leadership skills could also help me personally grow as an individual. I would like to be a part of the Leadership Academy in order to develop my skills as a leader and start to develop a network within the industry. I'd like to take the next year to focus on any potential career option and things along those lines. I would also like to be a part of the Leadership Academy in order to build my confidence as a leader. Having the confidence in myself as leader will be crucial to my success in my lab.

Theodore Nuss

Hi, my name is Theodore. I am a Sophomore studying Fisheries and Wildlife. Thanks to my time in the Marine Corps leadership has been a part of my life in almost any aspect. However, the leadership experience I have is very specific to either the Marines or as a veteran leader. I hope to gain leadership experience within the STEM field to better equip myself for a career in wildlife. It is my hope that this opportunity would help me take my first real steps into my field.

Zahra Kiesler

Hi, my name is Zahra and I am a Junior studying Animal Science. After the completion of my undergraduate degree, I hope to move forward in Academia and pursue a Masters Degree and/or a Ph.D. I also hope to become a Judge with the American Dairy Goat Association. As a growing student leader, I am hoping to gain insight and understanding of what it means to be a leader on a larger scale. I think that the Leadership Academy would be a great experience for me as it will allow me to strengthen my skills, meet other leaders and allow me to learn from a mentor. I am hoping that being a part of the Leadership Academy will allow me to work with and improve upon my weaknesses helping me grow as a leader in the process.

Zoe Reeder

Hi, my name is Zoe, and I am a Sophomore studying Agricultural Sciences with a minor in Animal Science and Forestry. I plan to become a High School Agriculture Teacher after graduating from Oregon State. Being an Agriculture Educator involves many types of leadership in many different situations. I want to build new relationships and connections with colleagues and mentors within and outside the university. As a proud OSU Beaver I want to be able to give back to the college in many ways and the leadership academy allows me to take an active part in the college community and to give back. My classes and prior leadership experiences have been valuable in creating the person I am today and I would like to help others to reach their full potential as students and as human beings.