Prospective Fellows


The reputation of OSU's College of Agricultural Sciences and College of Forestry will tell potential employers you have a solid educational background and your degree will demonstrate a high level of technical knowledge in your field. However, employers have told us they are also looking for competence in soft skills, such as communication, problem-solving, leadership, and critical thinking.

Do you want to set yourself apart from other graduates? Are you looking for opportunities for professional development and to enhance your career potential? This program is for you!


The Leadership Academy is designed to develop your individual leadership abilities by:

  • assisting you in identifying areas for growth based on your career and leadership goals as well as strength assessments
  • pairing you with a faculty mentor for the whole year who will provide support, guidance, and networking opportunities
  • providing scholarship funds to enhance your leadership knowledge
  • teaching you to articulate your leadership strengths
  • bringing in industry guest speakers for networking
  • providing tangible service experiences that demonstrate your abilities


This is a one-year program open to on-campus undergraduate students with at least Sophomore standing (by time of enrollment in Academy) in all majors in the Colleges of Agricultural Sciences and Forestry. Whether you are studying food, agriculture, natural resources, fisheries and wildlife sciences, or forestry our content isn't tailored to any specific major-we leave that up to your departments. We are focused on delivering you leadership education that you can then apply to your individual program. So we encourage YOU to apply!

The deadline for the 2024-2025 cohort is April 5th, 2024. 

Have questions? Email the Leadership Academy Assistant Director, Faith Vawter.


We look forward to seeing your application!


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