Oregon State Leadership Minor


We are excited to offer a newly developed, university-wide Leadership Minor, available on the Corvallis campus and Extended campus.  This minor applies to students of all majors and is intended to enhance the leadership potential of students throughout the university.  If you are interested in developing your leadership potential, the Leadership Minor is for you!


Our mission is to create a purposeful path for students to enhance their ability to promote personal, organizational, social, and community change. We will work diligently to recognize, promote, and develop opportunities for students to actively engage in meaningful coursework, rigorous personal development, and intentional experiential learning.  We will collaborate with other leadership development programs, partnering to produce exceptional leaders and develop the whole student to successfully navigate today’s challenges and tomorrow’s uncertainties. 


The OSU Leadership Minor will provide rigorous, interdisciplinary, and multidimensional coursework as well as experiential learning opportunities. These will develop the distinctive skills, experiences, and abilities needed for students to thrive in their personal and professional lives. Students will encounter experiential, inquiry, and competency-based instruction while being holistically challenged in leadership education, leadership training, and leadership development.


  • Provide students of all majors the opportunity to incorporate a transcript-visible leadership component into their current academic programs.
  • Allow students to explore, develop, test, and apply their personal leadership styles through active involvement in college, university, and community leadership with the intent to empower and motivate others to achieve a desired goal.
  • Provide students with leadership theories relating to personal, situational, contingency, path-goal, leader-member exchange, transformational, authentic, team, and servant leadership.
  • Give students opportunities to apply classroom learning through experiential learning activities intended to promote community and civic engagement, foster change, embrace differences, promote purposeful reflection, and cultivate life-long learning.
  • Develop students who are ethical, caring, passionate, contributing members of society who recognize the local, national, and global benefits to being a member of an engaged citizenry.

Learning Outcomes

Students who complete the Leadership Minor will be able to:

  • Identify leadership theories and be able to translate the theories into practice
  • Develop a definition of leadership while recognizing the role of personal responsibility in leadership
  • Gain an awareness of leadership opportunities within their personal areas of influence, including their profession, university, and community
  • Clarify values and demonstrate ethical awareness when making leadership decisions
  • Demonstrate the ability to analyze information, develop a communication plan, critically appraise options, and implement successful changes
  • Function as engaged, responsible citizens, able to work within a diverse and democratic society
  • Recognize the role of influencers in the formation and expression of leadership traits, roles, and styles
  • Clearly communicate the differences in leadership theory from both a theoretical and practical perspective
  • Actively lead in a variety of contexts, having the ability to establish a vision, generate consensus, and produce change
  • Work effectively with teams to network, plan, communicate, and complete a task