Creating Your Proposal

Once you have decided on an experience, you will need to begin constructing a proposal to submit to the Leadership Minor Advisors for approval prior to your experience. 

Step 1: Clarify what your position entails.

You will need to describe in detail what your role(s) and responsibilities will be at the site. Begin brainstorming ideas by making a list of duties, tasks, and/or roles that will guide your internship experience.

Below are three examples:

1. Athletic Director Internship

Duties: Site supervision, coaching evaluations, directing tournaments, participate in Athletic Director meetings, management and fiscal responsibility.

2. Dental Consulting and Training Corporation Internship

Duties: In charge of marketing: Facebook, Linked In, Google and website blogs, manage new student interviews, interview applicants interested in the program, co-coaching a 9 week Dental Front Office Administration course, managing phones, reports, and statistics.

3. Communications Intern for NAAE in Lexington, KY

Duties: Write award citations, news releases, presentation scripts, newsletter entries for award winners, contacting award winners and communicating with applicants.


Feel free to use our Proposal Outline to organize your thoughts while constructing details on your proposal.


Step 2: Check in with your Leadership Minor Advisor

After you have drafted these roles, now is an appropriate time to contact a Leadership Minor Advisor about your applied experience internship.

Communicating with an advisor throughout the process of setting up a position is a helpful tool when organizing an experience. While advisors do not assign students to an experience, they do, however, need to know about the position in order to approve the experience and ensure it fulfills the Applied Leadership Development components of the minor.

Office: 541-737-2661



Step 3: Establish Learning Development Outcomes:

A key and important component to the Leadership Proposal and ALD experience will be establishing Applied Learning Development Outcomes for your own unique experience. Please establish a first draft of these outcomes before talking to a Site Supervisor. This will help you effectively communicate with your site supervisor and establish areas in which you would like further guidance. 

There are two parts to the outcomes when applying for your experience:

  1. Leadership Learning Outcomes: What do you expect to learn through this experience?
  2. Personal Development: How will these learning outcomes contribute to both your leadership development goals and your career goals?


You may find the 46 Leadership Skills document a useful tool when establishing your learning outcomes.


Step 4: Talk with your Supervisor

Once you have established the experience you would like to focus on, you will need to brainstorm and contact an individual who will be your mentor/supervisor throughout the experience. The Leadership Minor requires each Applied Leadership Experience to have a supervisor. The supervisor will be a contact point for the ALD Instructor and potentially provide guidance to the student concerning their project.

1. ) If your Site Supervisor would like information about their role prior to committing to the position:

  • Direct them to our ALD Site Supervisor Page  ( here is the URL to e-mail them the webpage if needed: )  
  • You can also print out an ALD Site Supervisor Packet that includes all of the information from the site. This would be helpful for supervisors who do not have access to the webpage or want a physical copy of the agreement. 

2. ) After identifying and confirming your site supervisor, present them with your draft ideas concerning tasks, duties, and learning outcomes you would like to achieve during this experience.

3. ) A Site Supervisor will need to fill out the Supervisor Verification Form.

a) Print out the form

b) Have site supervisor complete the form

c) Your site supervisor returns the form to you

d) Submit the form when you submit your electronic proposal (A Completed Supervisor Verification Form is required when submitting your final proposal)**

4. ) Contact and check in with your Leadership Minor Advisor. 

  • Let your advisor know the specifics of your proposal. Your advisor may approve this position or ask a few questions to help direct you in another direction that may further develop your leadership skill set.

5. ) Once you have approval from your advisor, you will be ready to register for class and to begin your experience.


To view sample proposals, click here: Sample Proposal


Step 5: Submit Electronic Proposal

All proposal will be submitted electronically. To submit yours, click here: Applied Leadership Proposal 

**Remember to have a completed Supervisor Verification Form to upload onto your electronic proposal**