Applied Leadership Development Reflection

The OSU Leadership Minor allows for flexibility when applying for the Applied Leadership Development credits.

There are three courses listed under our applied leadership develop options (LEAD 410, LEAD 409, LEAD 401). 

Each of these courses is distinct, yet the distinctions are somewhat subtle. When you schedule an appointment with your advisor, he/she will work with you to determine which class best fits your needs. All three of the courses are 10 week, web-based courses designed to further develop your leadership. Generally, if what you are doing is job-related and site-based, and not related to another specific course, you will be encouraged to enroll in the Leadership Internship (LEAD  410) course.  If you are conducting some type of service-learning, you will be directed into LEAD 409 and if you are doing research (either leadership research or research that develops your leadership) you will be a good fit for LEAD 401. 

First Step: Reflection

A key component to leading and developing leadership skills is reflection. Since this experience will require you to evaluate and analyze your leadership decisions, the best way to begin preparing for the Applied Leadership Experience is to reflect on what/where you would like to launch your internship.

Second Step: Identify a Position 

For some, identifying a position to apply leadership skills may be difficult. For others, you may already know exactly what you’d like to do. Take some time and brainstorm what stage you are in with identifying an internship position and organize your ideas.


“I don’t exactly know where to begin for my applied position.”

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"I'm currently in a position that I would like to count towards my applied leadership development credits.”

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