Currently in a Position?


Already in a position where you can apply leadership skills? That’s great! The Applied Leadership Experience credits do not need to come from a completely new position. If preferred, the applied experience can align with a current position where you can apply new skills. As you begin to apply for the Applied Leadership Experience, you will need to review your position and create tangible goals where you consciously develop and apply leadership skills.


Here is an example where a student was already in a position and supplemented the experience with specific tasks to enhance their leadership role.



(Corvallis Campus Student Example)

Original Position: The student was hired as a START Leader for Oregon State University and saw an opportunity to submit an internship proposal to their Leadership Minor advisor.

Their original duties consisted of:

  • Orientating new students to Oregon State University through campus tours and programed activities
  • Small group discussions with new students and parents to talk about opportunities available for OSU students
  • Answered specific questions for parents about the campus and common student routines throughout the term


Enhanced Position: To include a developmental leadership component to their position, the student focused on a few leadership skills to add to their duties. Initially, the student focused on enhancing their public speaking abilities and how to professionally represent the university. Concerning all of student’s prior responsibilities as a START leader, they reviewed each task and added a leadership lens.

These additions were:

  • Practicing their active listening skills during small group discussions and tours
  • Faciliate three START leader meetings
  • Set up and attend meeting with START mentor once a week
  • Strengthening their public speaking skills by overcoming insecurities and adding more professionalism to their role when leading others
  • Working on organizational and managerial skills by preparing earlier in the day and providing others with helpful tools
  • Accepting more responsibility to lead fellow START leaders

The student used this opportunity to help them learn how to handle high pace and stressful environments in the medical field. They hoped to more easily lead large groups of people throughout the day in a professional manner. Prior to the Internship experience, the student looked at their position as a START Leader merely as a summer job. After the internship experience, this student gained priceless, practical, and professional knowledge by intentionally focusing on tangible leadership goals.



(Extended Campus Student Example)

Original Position: This specific Leadership Minor student was working in a company’s marketing department as the Event Marketing Specialist. The student knew in order to advance in the company they would need to begin gaining experience leading others and overseeing projects. To apply new leadership skills, the individual took the initiative and became a Team Leader for a new client project.

Their original duties as an event specialist consisted of:

  • Working on a team to develop and execute marketing plans for trade shows, conventions, seminars, and other events
  • Supporting the marketing of existing and new products and services
  • Coordinating advertising, marketing, communications and public relations efforts

Enhanced Position: After accepting the position as a Team Leader, the individual identified specific ways they  would apply leadership skills to successfully lead  their marketing team.

The enhanced responsibilities included:

  • Planning agendas for the team’s biweekly meetings
  • Leading team meetings.Developing clear objectives for each team member involved with the new client marketing project
  • Holding individual team members accountable for their position and responsibilities
  • Constructing a clear vision for the team at the beginning of the project
  • Ensuring team member commitment to the vision.
  • Participating in staff meetings with their supervisor to update the company about their project and where they are headed