Steps to apply for an Applied Leadership Development experience (ALD).

This chart should help guide you through the process of setting up your applied experience credits. Click on the orange boxes to navigate through a to-do check list before submitting your proposal.

Develop Idea

Brainstorm and research

Create Proposal

Clarify what your position entails

Check in with a Leadership Minor Advisor

Construct learning development outcomes

Talk to your site supervisor

Submit electronic proposal

Launch Experience

Revise objectives

Receive override from Advisor

Register for class

Complete coursework

 Below are examples of ALD experiences.

  • Shadowing a state police officer

  • Starting a non-profit organization in your local community

  • Working with the Department of Fish and Wildlife

  • Serving with the United States Forest Service

  • Leading an in-lab research team

  •  Leading at a local youth camp

  •  Serving as a leadership intern with the National FFA Washington Leadership Conference

  •  Completing service/volunteer work for a civic or religious group

  •  Serving as a public representative for a local community event

  • Managing a local sports team

  •  Apprenticing to be an athletic director

  • Working with the Boys and Girls Club

  •  Serving as an intern at Walt Disney World

  •  Service-learning combined with a study abroad

  •  Teaching outdoor recreation classes

  •  Participated in a management training program with a local business

  •  Enhancing sustainability initiatives

  • Working with youth in a Big Brother/Big Sister program 

  •  Serving as a positional leader in a local club or civic organization

  •  Serving as an intern in a local business

  •  Serving within a college in a leadership role

  •  Leading a change initiative within a business

  •  Leading service-learning troops

  •  Volunteering as a mentor for students at a local high school

  •  Conducting a research study on differences in leadership types within a community

  •  Participating in a national leadership conference


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