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The OSU Leadership Minor provides an opportunity for students to build leadership skills that will benefit their personal and professional development. After earning a minor in leadership, students will be able to provide potential employers with their college transcripts showing their verifiable experience and course work in topics ranging from Team and Organizational Leadership to Ethics of Diversity and Advanced Persuasion.

Open to every Oregon State University student regardless of college affiliation or major course of study, the Leadership Minor is a multidisciplinary academic program that focuses on leadership theory, trait and skill development, and experiential learning.


Declare the Minor

An advising appointment with a Leadership Minor advisor is rrecommended to declare.

For questions or to set up an appointment please email: or phone: 541-737-2661. If emailing, please be sure to include your OSU student ID number and your phone number to assist us in scheduling an appointment. It is also important for us to know whether you are an E-campus student or a Corvallis campus student.  To add the minor, you will need to complete an Undergraduate Change of Minor form available on the Registrar’s website. The minor advisor will sign and complete this form during your initial appointment: