Mission of the Living Marine Resource Cooperative Science Center

The mission of The Center is to conduct research congruent with the interests of the NOAA Fisheries and to prepare students for careers in research, management, and public policy that support the sustainable harvest and conservation of our nation's living marine resources.

Oregon State University a partner in the Living Marine Resources Cooperative Science Center

A new round of federal funding will enable the University of Maryland Eastern Shore to continue a signature science program that trains minorities in the field of marine and fisheries sciences.

The federal agency is supporting a marine science research center at UMESThe National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration recently awarded UMES and its partners approximately $15 million to extend support of the Living Marine Resources Cooperative Science Center through 2016. It was founded in 2001.

The marine science center, under the direction of UMES professor Paulinus Chigbu, is aligned with six partner institutions that also offer students opportunities to participate in hands-on field research.

Since its inception, the consortium of colleges and universities has produced 322 graduates, including: 246 bachelor’s degrees, 66 master’s degrees and 10 doctoral degrees. The marine science center currently works with 139 students, including 22 doctoral candidates.

A recent expansion of graduate-level distance education offerings and the addition of Oregon State University as a partner are expected to make marine and fisheries science more appealing to a wider audience, Chigbu said.   (Read more...)


Oregon State University Links

Coastal Oregon Marine Experiment Station, Newport Oregon.  The Coastal Oregon Marine Experiment Station conducts research to understand, utilize, and sustain marine resources and coastal ecosystems in order to benefit the citizens of Oregon, the Pacific Northwest, the Nation, and the World.

Department of Fisheries and Wildlife The Department of Fisheries and Wildlife at Oregon State University aspires to preeminence among academic programs in ecology, management, and conservation biology in terrestrial, aquatic, and marine ecosystems. We are dedicated to the discovery and dissemination of knowledge in conservation of biodiversity, natural resource management, and the sustainable use of natural resources.

Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics

 College of Agricultural Sciences Our work in Oregon and beyond creates safe, healthy food, solutions to environmental issues, potential cancer therapies, and clean waterways. It creates jobs and a stronger economy. Our discoveries help the next generation make an impact on the world.


Student Profiles

LaTreese Denson is originally from Queens, New York where she lived between the Atlantic Ocean and Jamaica bay; this is where she discovered her interest in marine science. She received her B.S. from North Carolina State University in Biological Oceanography in 2010. When LaTreese was not studying, she was on the NC State Drumline and playing Intermural basketball. During her undergraduate education, she was also a NOAA Hollings Scholar, where she had her first opportunity to conduct and present research. Experiences, such as the NOAA Population Dynamics Workshop and a Marine Science Fellowship at the Duke Marine Laboratory, encouraged her to pursue a M.S. Degree in Fisheries Science at Oregon State University. Her primary research interest is to understand how aquatic ecosystems function. It is her ultimate goal to learn how to better represent these aquatic ecosystems using various mathematical models. In the future, she plans on pursuing a Ph.D. and becoming a professor.

Smit Vasquez Caballero is originally from Oaxaca, Mexico. He studied economics at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), and Rural Sociology at the Institute for Sociological Research in Oaxaca, Mexico. He has a B.S. degree in Economics from Southern Oregon University and a M.S. degree in Agricultural and Resource Economics from Oregon State University. Currently, Smit is a Ph.D. student in Applied Economics at Oregon State University. His research training is in resource and development economics with a special focus on common property natural resource management and governance. Currently he is working on bioeconomic analysis of Pacific salmon stocks. He expects to graduate in June 2015. Smit is married to Marie Uhtoff; together they have Lena, Luis and Leo. In his spare time Smit cares for his plants and chickens and takes his kids to play soccer, hockey or ski.

Contact information

Project Director of the LMRCSC at OSUDr. Jessica Miller, Assistant Professor, Marine Fisheries Ecologist
Hatfield Marine Science Center, Education Bldg, Rm 13
Office Phone:
Marine and Anadromous Fisheries Ecology Lab
2030 SE Marine Science Dr, Newport OR 97365