So how was New Zealand?

Overall my experience in New Zealand was wonderful. I made several lifelong friends there, and would love to go back someday! The most valuable part was exploring and becoming involved in the culture. You really appreciate every experience, and every person you meet, because you may never do that thing or see that person again. It was interesting to learn about the culture, and the slang, that is used over there. The most fun part for me was exploring the country, and making it out fishing a few times.


Where do you see yourself in five years, and how is AgSci helping you get there?

In five years I see myself either finished with my master’s program or in the process. All of the opportunities that have been presented to me through AgSci, like the Leadership Academy, have positioned me to be a better leader and a better employee. Wherever I go, I would love to work with fish like salmon and steelhead.

Seize every opportunity that presents itself.

What challenges have you faced in continuing your education, and how did you overcome them?

Challenges that I have faced include financial troubles, being homesick at times, and not knowing what I want to do after graduation. During my study abroad, I became so homesick that I almost went home. But I knew the experience would make me stronger, so I persevered and pushed through it, and I’m happy that I did! Financial troubles are almost always a worry through school, but I have overcome this by only buying what I need, and by finding cheaper accommodation. Knowing what to do after college is hard too, but all of the opportunities I have found through AgSci have helped me narrow my career path.


Any advice for incoming students?

Seize every opportunity that presents itself. Make education and self-growth your top priority, and put yourself in a place where you can test the waters and succeed. Go on a study abroad, and try to become involved with the native people and culture. This way you will develop lasting relationships and have a desire to go visit them. Make it a priority to get out of your comfort zone and meet new people. Also, consult with your advisors. Let them know your passions and dreams so they can help guide you in the future. Travel around before you settle down, both for work and pleasure. You will look back on those times and enjoy it. Do what you love with the people you love and take advantage of our beautiful campus and state!