Agricultural Career Achievement Registry

The College of Agricultural Sciences wishes to honor people whose lifetime contributions to agriculture, natural resources, and the people of Oregon and/or Oregon State University have been significant.

This award provides the opportunity to publicly recognize these accomplishments of individuals who have contributed to the well-being of their community, industry, or state.

The honor will include recognition by the University at a luncheon where award recipients will receive a certificate and a lapel pin.  They will become permanent members of the Diamond Pioneer Agricultural Achievement Registry in the College of Agricultural Sciences.

Membership qualifications

  1. Men and women who have contributed a great deal to the development of Oregon's agriculture and natural resources, and/or Oregon State University. Rather than short-term public service, this award reflects a lifetime of involvement.
  2. They should be 74 years of age or older - and still living.
  3. In particular, include individuals who have pioneered in some area of Oregon's agriculture and natural resources, or have made innovative changes or performed public service that has helped make Oregon a better place to live.  

Please provide a 2-3 page summary with the Nomination Form, containing the following information about your candidate:

  1. Name, address, phone number (if another person should be contacted, please indicate).
  2. Date of birth.  If the exact date is unavailable, include some information to indicate the person is actually 74 years or older, as of September 30 of the nomination year.
  3. Biographical sketch that tells about the nominee-family history and accomplishments.  Be as specific as possible about items of a pioneering or innovative nature that have had an impact on Oregon agriculture, and development of our natural resources.  Where appropriate, include:
    • Dates that the nominee served on agricultural boards and/or committees;
    • Types of cooperation such as cooperation with specific extension service or experiment station programs, the nominee's role in the cooperative effort, and the significance of this cooperative program.
    • Other types of on-going involvement with OSU.  This could be involvement with students, teaching classes as a volunteer, etc.
    • The nominee's efforts to help or encourage others, particularly young people.
    • Do not go into detail on lodge or church membership and activities.

      PLEASE ~ Do not provide letters of support, vita, previous award nomination packets or other similar documentation.  These items are not necessary.

Send nominations electronically to:  Loretta Austin



Mail to:           
Office of the Dean, College of Agricultural Sciences, Oregon State University
Attn:  Loretta Austin
430 Strand Agriculture Hall, Corvallis, OR   97331-2212

or by email:


Nomination Deadline:  July 6, 2018

Diamond Pioneer Nomination Form 

Award Luncheon Reservation Deadline: September 19, 2018

Diamond Pioneer Luncheon Reservation Form