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Student Groups

CAS Agricultural Executive Council - Get involved! Help build a stronger student government for the College of Agricultural Sciences!

Ambassadors for Agriculture, Forestry, and Natural Resources - We are upperclassmen in the Colleges of Agriculture Sciences and Forestry. We are here to connect you to resources, help with your transition to university life, and support and encourage your success through a unique, personal mentoring program.

AFS and TWS Student Chapters - dedicated to the professional development of those interested in the Fisheries and Wildlife Field. We focus on skill building, networking with current professionals in the field, practical application of field techniques, and expanding on current knowledge base both professionally and with the public.

Agricultural Education Club - an opportunity for those interested in agricultural education, literacy, and advocacy, a way they can participate in activities that will better themselves in their future careers in agriculture.

OSU Dairy Club Beaver Classic Sale - This sale happens every two years hosted by Oregon State University Dairy Club students.

OSU EntomologyA place to keep up with entomology related happenings at Oregon State University.

OSU Environmental Sciences Students - This is a group for Environmental Sciences students at Oregon State University.

Food Science and Technology Alumni - Keep in touch with alumni from the Department of Food Science and Technology! Share in the developments at FST.

Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA) at OSU - OSU has its own team in this nation wide organization. There are 8 zones in the US and each of these zones contains several regions which have several different college teams in an area. OSU is in Zone 8, Region 4.

OSU Collegiate FFA

Inspiration Dissemination - 88.7 KBVR - Hosted by Zhian Kamvar (DjCATGAG) and Joey Hulbert (DjBabyKangaroo), this program features students from OSU to discuss their academic experiences and research projects over the radio. The purpose of this program is to inspire young professionals and students to pursue a career of science and research. This program aims to provide students with outreach opportunities and inform the scientific community about the ongoing research. Every Sunday at 7pm, we will invite a undergraduate or graduate student on the air to discuss their inspiration, passion, and interest in their research for ~30 minutes. We encourage anyone interested in sharing their research over the radio to contact us.