A new fund has been established in the College of Agricultural Sciences at Oregon State University to provide resources in support of students and faculty gaining global experiences related to food and agriculture.

Hiram Larew, who earned a masters degree in botany and plant pathology and a doctorate in entomology at Oregon State University, said he seeks to increase international opportunities for students and faculty. To help encourage their interest and participation in global agriculture, Larew has committed to provide five years of funding for the College of Agricultural Sciences Global Experiences Fund.

The Fund, established through the OSU Foundation, is intended to help introduce and broaden international perspectives--especially those related to agriculture--in the College’s teaching, extension, and research programs.

Larew, who was recognized in 2010 with the College of Agricultural Sciences Legacy Award, is director of International Programs in the USDA’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture. In that role, he helps oversee several of USDA’s international programs that are implemented in close collaboration with Land Grant colleges and universities.  Those programs have included agricultural marketing efforts in Africa, Central and Eastern Europe, and Central America.  Larew also works closely with U.S. colleges and universities as they globalize their campus programs in agriculture and related fields.

With the ever increasing importance of faculty and students being aware and involved in global agriculture, Larew's gift is also intended to encourage other alumni and friends to add to the new Global Experiences Fund.

“My hope is that other donors will become interested in contributing to it as a way of expressing support for promoting the College’s global reputation,” Larew said.

"Our College’s goal is to ultimately see the fund underwritten by an endowment," said Stella Coakley, associate dean of the College.

It is anticipated that up to five awards will be made annually on a competitive basis. Recipients of the award will contribute a report on how their program of study, outreach effort, or research project has been enhanced as a result of the global experience. Activities made possible by the new fund will be reported in the College's quarterly online newsletter, The Source. Award recipients also will discuss their experiences with students enrolled in the College's World Agriculture course. The popular course is offered annually and includes an optional international travel experience.

Larew has also contributed to the creation of a Student Travel Fund in the College of Science and was responsible for the dedication of an office in the Linus Pauling Science Center to the late Harry K. Phinney, a professor of botany at OSU from 1947 to 1983.

Student Blogs and Reports

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Where-wolf There-wolf: The travel and research adventures of Juliana Masseloux. 2015-2106, with Action for Cheetahs in Kenya.

The Travel Edition: The Journeys of a Metamorphosing Conservationist, by Rachel Patterson.  Summer 2014, sea turtle research internship with the Archelon Sea Turtle Protection Society along the Gulf of Kyparissia, Greece

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Global Experiences Fund Awardees Spring 2014 - Current

Term Major Internship
Summer and Fall 2018

Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences

Field Research Assistant, Malaysian Borneo
  Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences Environmental Education Trust Assistant, Cape Town, South Africa
  Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences Forest Ecology Research Assistant, Panama
Spring 2018 Agricultural Sciences Assistant gardener on organic farm, Ireland
Winter 2018 Agricultural Business Management Marketing Assistant, New Zealand
Summer and Fall 2017 Animal Sciences Veterinary Service Intern, Chiang Mai, Thailand
  Bioresource Research Research Assistant, South Africa
  Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences Ekko Brasil Intern, Florianpólis, Brazil
  Agricultural Sciences Soils Training Intern Assistant, Batiki Island, Fiji
Summer and Fall 2016 Agricultural Sciences Trainee, South Holland, Netherlands
  Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences Research Assistant, Mato Grosso, Brazil
Winter 2016 Agricultural Business Management International Farming Internship, New Zealand
Summer and Fall 2015 Fisheries & Wildlife Sciences Intern for One People One Reef, Yap, Micronesia
  Food Science & Technology Intern Cheesemaker, Poligny, France
  Fisheries & Wildlife Sciences Action for Cheetahs Researcher, Kenya
  Agricultural Sciences Intern, Bonn, Germany
Summer and Fall 2014 Zoology, Fisheries and Wildlife Science Sea Turtle Researcher, Costa de Oro, Costa Rica
  Fisheries and Wildlife Science Undergraduate Researcher, Phoenix Islands
  Food Science & Technology Global Wine Industry Intern, Puglia, Italy
  Fisheries and Wildlife Science Sea Turtle Monitoring, Kyparissiakos Bay, Greece
Spring 2014 Fisheries and Wildlife Science Conservation Education Volunteer, West Kalimantan, Indonesia