Environmental Stewardship

Stewardship in Oregon and beyond is part of our character in the College of Agricultural Sciences, whether that means ensuring the safety of salmon populations, keeping our water supply safe or helping farmers restore native ecosystems while running successful businesses. We do this work with an eye toward the future, and for providing opportunities for our students to keep our planet healthy for future generations.


Hatching Dreams for a Better LifeHatching Dreams for a Better Life

An international program works to improve lives and livelihoods with aquaculture.

Connecting DotsConnecting the Dots

Tiny samples of living tissue reveal the genetics of salmon recovery.

A Tern for BetterA Tern for the Better

For the sake of fish and birds, Caspian terns are getting new digs across Oregon.

A Fish for SupperFish for Supper

OSU research helps keep seafood safe and sustainable.

The Secret Life of HoneybeesThe Secret Life of Honeybees

OSU researcher Ramesh Sagili investigates the cause of honeybee decline.

The Range KeepersThe Range Keepers

A perennial partnership of ecologists, hydrologists and ranchers is renewing Oregon’s grasslands.

After the SpillAfter the Spill

Graduate student Sarah Allan tracked toxins after the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.


Organic Growers Club

Bridges to Prosperity

Oregon’s Agricultural Progress Magazine

Student Sustainability Center

Sustainability at OSU