Phytonutrients: Making Healthy Food Healthier

Isabel Vales, an OSU potato breeder and geneticist, uses traditional plant breeding techniques to enhance the nutritional value of Northwest potatoes, a process that takes thousands of trials, years of experiments, and legions of researchers before the very best variety goes to market. It's no small potatoes.

Agriculture is where food begins.

How we make fruits and vegetables better

OSU breeds new potatoes


Potato Programs

A comprehensive list of research and extension potato programs administered through OSU.

New Potatoes

See what happens when the deck gets shuffled in potato genetics.

Interesting factoids


Some of the most popular vegetable varieties for Oregon gardeners have been developed by OSU plant breeders:

And more are on the way:

  • Extra nutrient-rich purple tomatoes with additional phytonutrients
  • Blue Lake beans with smaller, more tender pods
  • Stringless snap peas
  • Open-pollinated broccoli, with seeds that can be saved
  • Hardy cool-weather sweet corn

An Oregon-grown cornucopia for your health

harvesting peas

Red Peppers

Corn field

Gardening Encyclopedia

Northwest Gardeners' eNews is a monthly online magazine of information from OSU Extension experts on growing food, preserving food, and creating sustainable landscapes. Subscription is free.Urban FarmerAgriculture in the 21st century is a research-based industry in the heart of Oregon's fastest growing urban area

Growing Your Own

A practical guide to gardening in Oregon featuring vegetable varieties, planting dates, insect control, soil preparation, and more...

Taste of the Town

Sensory testing at OSU's Food Innovation Center reveals what we like to eat, and why

(Here's Why You Should) Eat Your Vegetables

OSU researchers are exploring cancer-fighting compounds in vegetable varieties.

An Oregon-Grown Cornucopia

OSU's vegetable breeding program has provided generations of Oregonians with the best possible vegetables.

OSU helps you grow better fruit and vegetables

Students learn to grow their own

Organic Growers Club Booth

Organic Growers Club

Video of Organic Growers Club

Oregon Organic

OSU helps Oregon growers in agriculture's fastest growing sector.

How Local Food Can Mean Academic Achievement

Horticulture graduate student Abha Gupta received a $10,000 grant to study the impact of school gardens on academic achievement and how local foods programs influence school pride, self-confidence and academic performance of students in elementary, middle and high school.

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Local Grown

Fruit and Nut Publications

Vegatable Publications

OSU Extension's, "Growing Your Own," a practical guide to gardening for first-time gardeners, is available online at: Copies of a printed version are available at county Extension offices.

Most Extension offices offer gardening classes on a variety of topics. Check with your local Extension county office for details. Websites for each county are at:

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