Seafood Research

Michael Morrissey, director of the Food Innovation Center, samples raw oysters pasteurized by a process developed by OSU’s College of Agricultural Sciences, a national leader in seafood research and extension. Whether you want to study the ecology of oysters or simply learn to cook delicious seafood, we are here for you.

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Delicious Food from the Sea

Cooking School

The Seafood Cooking School dishes up gourmet lessons by executive chef, Eric Jenkins.

Seafood recipes from 10 years of classes at the Seafood Consumer Center.

Cooking classes at the the Seafood Consumer Center teach you to prepare local seafood like a pro.

Seafood Research



The Oregon State University Seafood Research Laboratory (OSU-SFL) was established in Astoria, Oregon to meet the increasing needs of the seafood industry.

At the Food Innovation Center sensory testing reveals what we like to eat, and why.

Pacific Fishtrax connects the fishing industry with seafood customers. (video)

What makes a Salmon Wild? Some people now argue that the distinction between wild and hatchery fish has been blurred.

Learn about the different species of Salmon in Oregon's Ocean.

Oregon sardines are packed with protein and omega-3 oils.

Local albacore tuna contains less than half the level of mercury found in brand-name canned albacore.

The Economics of Seafood

Tuna sorting

The Community Seafood Initiative brings the power of OSU research to help develop new seafood markets.

The pressure's on in the oyster industry. It may be the first good economic news in a long time.

Surimi School is an international buffet of new seafood-based delicacies made from fish that no one else wanted.

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