Faculty Advisor: Wanda Crannell

158 Strand Agricultural Hall
Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR 97331-2911
(541) 737-2999

Meet Wanda: Wanda is our fearless advisor. She serves as an amazing mentor to both the MANRRS and SACNAS chapters, in addition to her job as an academic advisor for the BioResource Research major within the College of Agricultural Sciences. Wanda is always willing to answer questions the team has about the organization and how we should plan events. Her wealth of knowledge is incredibly valuable to our success as a chapter!


MANRRS Chapter Graduate Teaching AssistantJohannah Hamilton

Johannah Hamilton is a 1st year PhD student in Public Policy here at OSU. She’s also our chapter’s new GTA and co-advisor. She’s been a member of MANRRS since 2013. What she loves most about MANRRS is the networking aspect and how the people you meet become family over time. Johannah also loves how MANRRS really gives you the opportunity to professionally develop yourself and your brand. When she’s not studying or reading, Jo likes to go up in the mountains with her dog, play basketball, go to NBA games, and travel. She received her B.S. in Agricultural Economics with a minor in Spanish at the University of Kentucky and her masters in Agricultural Economics at Auburn University.



MANRRS Chapter President: Cecilia Morales

"I joined MANRRS to expand my opportunities  and involvement. I enjoy working in groups such as MANRRS where I can experience making new friendships and developing the skills I will be using in the future. As the chapter president for this academic school year I am looking forward to growing our chapter here on campus. I am excited to meet new people and seeing new faces in our meetings and events."


MANRRS Chapter Vice President: Karina Heredia

"I joined MANRRS in order to help and develop my leadership skills. I also come from a farm working background and due to me not majoring in ag I wanted to feel connected to my background and where I come from and I was able to find that in MANRRS. I also wanted to meet people of all backgrounds and expand my networks and make connections throughout my college career."


MANRRS Chapter Secretary:  Celine Huynh

"I joined MANRRS to expand my network and to participate in professional and career development activities. I also wanted to meet people from underrepresented groups in the field of Agricultural science and related sciences. I think it is great that MANRRS has opportunities of other majors outside of agsci as well!"


MANRRS Chapter Treasurer: Ruben Lopez

"I joined MANNRS because I wanted to get involved with a club related to agriculture and meet new people."


MANRRS Chapter Publicity OfficerMANRRS Community Representative: Diana Esparza

"I joined MANRRS to strengthen my team working and leaderships skills, so that I am able to succeed in my future career. Becoming a part of MANRRS, I hope to influence others into getting involved and supporting underrepresented minorities at Oregon State University. What I enjoy the most is the supportive people involved in the organization who make you feel welcomed and acknowledged."


MANRRS Community Representative: Metzin Rodriguez

"MANRRS is about inspiring, meeting new people and at the same time providing students with many opportunities. I joined this organization because I wanted to learn more about the College of Agricultural Sciences, create new friendships and expand my network. As well as just finding a voice here at OSU. The best past is that anyone can join and learn something new about this energetic club!"


MANRRS Chapter Membership Chair: Jasmine Brown

"I primarily joined MANRRS to strengthen my support system at Oregon State University. I also was interested in learning about future career opportunities in Natural Resources. I truly appreciate the family orientated atmosphere within MANRRS, along with all the opportunities to network. I look forward to the professional and career development opportunities that MANNRS has to offer. I also look forward to using my leadership skills as a graduate student."


MANRRS Chapter Publicity Manager: Marisol De La Torre

"Our mission in MANRRS is to promote academic and professional advancement by empowering minorities, because of this I joined. This year I am looking forward to expand my network and develop new skills that will allow me to influence and mentor others. What I enjoy most about MANRRS is the support it provides to underrepresented groups within higher education."

MANRRS Chapter Webmaster: Elsa Naranjo

"The professional and academic developement that MANRRS has to offer is something that is important to me, as it helps me expand my opportunities while in college. I chose this organization because I feel welcomed into a community of a wide range of members that all have something unique to bring to the table."