Sustainable Wildflower Seed Production

C.C. Shock, N.E. Cheatham, J.L. Harden, A.C. Mahony, B.M. Shock

Native wildflowers—also called forbs—grow naturally in most regions of the world. Wildflowers are grown for a myriad of reasons. They provide food for insects that in turn supports birds, provides habitat for wildlife, enhances overall ecosystem health, restores land, increases plant biodiversity, and reduces water usage and soil erosion (Why Plant Natives). Some native plants have been used traditionally for medicinal purposes.

Although wildflowers thrive in their native environments, they can be difficult to grow because germination and emergence can be challenging. Wildflowers are not easily grown in croplands because weeds outcompete them for vital resources (Irrigation Requirements for Novel Native Wildflower Seed Production). Damage by birds can reduce yields substantially. Dependable information on how to overcome these barriers is scarce and difficult to find. We are creating an easy-to-navigate webpage with information regarding growing native wildflowers for seed production. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, comments, or suggestions you might have for this site, as it is a work in progress!

Wildflower Production Practices