Multistate Projects

OAES Multistate Research Program

The mission of the multistate research program is to enable research on high-priority topics among the State Agricultural Experiment Stations (SAES) in partnership with USDA-NIFA, other research institutions and agencies, and with the Cooperative Extension Service. In this way, technological opportunities and complex problem solving activities, which are beyond the scope of a single SAES, can be approached in a more efficient and comprehensive way.

Projects are monitored by four regional associations. In the West, the Western Research Coordination and Implementation Committee (RCIC) is responsible for evaluating each new or revised project proposal, and the AES directors approve or disapprove them based on the recommendations from the RCIC. NIFA review completes the process.

The National Information Management and Support System (NIMSS) is a web-based application that allows participants of multistate research projects and activities to submit proposals and reports online. The NIMSS database allows interested parties to review existing projects.

Joining a Multistate Project

Before an OAES faculty member can join a multistate project, they must receive approval from the Unit Leader, the OAES Director, and the regional Administrative Adviser for the project.

  1. A brief nomination message needs be sent to the Director's office from the Unit Leader. Send an email to
  2. The nominated faculty member will be contacted by the OAES office to discuss their project responsibilities and to assist in filling out the participation form. If the OAES does not have a faculty member already participating in this project, the participation form is submitted to the Administrative Advisor of the multistate project for approval. If the OAES already has a participant, the USDA does not need to approve additional project members.
  3. The Administrative Advisor of the project has the right to reject the participant. If the participant is disapproved, the Administrative Advisor will contact the OAES and in turn, the OAES office will contact the faculty member.
  4. Any sole member of a project becomes the official lead representative. If there are multiple members, OAES or the group selects a lead representative. The official faculty member of the multistate project coordinates with the Administrative Advisor and the rest of the multistate project members. One OAES participant from each project can be provided funds for travel to the annual meetings. The lead representative has first rights to this privilege. Travel is contingent upon the traveler’s completion of their required reports (for any NIFA project).

Responsibilities as a Member of a Multistate Project

When the OAES has more than one representative on a multistate project, one member will be designated as the lead representative by the OAES.  If you are the only participant from the OAES on a multistate project, you are automatically considered the lead representative.

The lead representative is responsible for:

  1. Attending the annual meetings
  2. Presenting the data of all the members from the OAES at the annual meetings.

Please contact for more information and directions on how to join a project.