Safety and Compliance Programs and Resources

Oregon State University is a land-grant university with a deep-rooted history of agricultural science education and research. As such, the College of Agricultural Sciences has a profound interest in the safety and health of all of our workers and students at the main campus, out-lying units, and facilities across the state.

The following set of safety, risk, and compliance resources are meant to provide all of our workers at Oregon State University the guidance to prevent accidents and to prevent the loss of life, health, or property and to come into compliance with all university, state, and federal regulations related to our mission. Under all circumstances, workers must be properly trained to perform their required tasks.

Safety @ Oregon State University

University Safety, Risk and Compliance Resources

Resources for CAS Emergency, Health, Safety & Compliance manuals, Pesticide use and more.

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Agricultural Operations Safety & Compliance Resources

Safety Advisory Committee

The role of the College of Agricultural Sciences Safety Advisory Committee is to ensure that various safety facets are addressed, training is completed and documented, and current information is disseminated to all units in the College of Agricultural Sciences and Oregon Agricultural Experiment Stations.

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Oregon State University is committed to promoting well-being across all our campuses and locations.


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