Chapter 3 - Safety and Health Policy Statement

Health and Safety Training Manual: Section 1 – Administrative policies and procedures

pdfIt is the policy of the College of Agricultural Sciences and OSU to pursue every reasonable effort to provide a safe and healthful working environment for employees and students. The College of Agriculture recognizes the value of the individual employee. The safety and health of our employees is our highest priority. Employees are required to follow all University safety rules. Unsafe working conditions, unsafe practices, or machines that are unsafe to operate must be reported to supervisors immediately. Employees also must report to their supervisors any injuries that occur at the workplace. It is further policy that faculty, staff, and students shall conduct their work and activities in a safe manner.

The College of Agriculture intends to comply with all safety laws and regulations. Safety issues will be reviewed regularly with our employees.

While the President is ultimately responsible for the safety of staff, faculty, and students, it is necessary that considerable safety responsibility be delegated to the department head, who in turn delegates responsibility to supervisors and/or building managers. Our faculty and staff administrators will be held accountable for fulfilling their safety responsibility.

It is the acceptance of this responsibility, and the safety attitude of these people that determine the success of the safety program. Past and continued excellent performances in this vital activity are much appreciated.