Respirator fit test & medical questionnaire forms

Health and Safety Training Manual: Appendices

OSU Respiratory Protection Program

Required Fit Tests

  • Fit tests are required on initial issuance of respirators for all employees
  • Fit tests will be conducted by EH&S or other approved groups as outlined in this document
  • Additional fit tests are required for each employee when a new type of respirator is issued
  • Negative pressure respirators, requiring a fit factor of 100 or less, will be tested using one of the following qualitative fit procedures:
    1. Isoamyl Acetate Test using a fit-test tent (preferred method)
    2. BitrexTM (Denatonium Benzoate) Solution Aerosol Test using a fit-test tent
    3. Irritant Fume Test using stannic chloride [NO TENT]
  • Fit testing of respirators requiring a fit factor of greater than 100 (e.g., tight-fitting atmosphere supplying respirators, such as SCBA) will be performed with quantitative fit testing
  • Contact EH&S for additional information or to arrange a test.
  • Fit testing must be repeated and documented at least annually for all employees

Medical Fitness Evaluation