CAS Administrator Roles

May 1, 2020


  • Direction and leadership
  • Oversight and management
  • Optimization
  • Leadership succession planning
  • Process and guidelines add transparency and structure for reassurance
  • Development vision, strategy, cultivation and stewardship
  • Development, marketing/communication
  • Alumni and government relations

Executive Associate Dean

  • Oversight, management and coordination across teaching, research and extension mission areas
  • Supervise department heads and BES directors including annual evaluations and mentoring
  • Oversee, coordinate and manage the unit review process
  • Surrogate dean as needed
  • Assist Dean in strategic budgeting and planning
  • Interface with University on programmatic priorities as needed
  • Coordination of collective programming/prioritization efforts (priority staffing, BUC, etc.)
  • Major initiative/project coordination and leadership
  • Oversee and guide climate, diversity and inclusion efforts (Phase II – DEI position)
  • Dean’s/College meeting management (weekly, monthly, workshop, ad hoc)

Associate Dean of Academics (undergrad and grad)

  • Identify needs and set program vision/priorities
  • Engage with regional and national academic program organizations
  • Curriculum
  • Academic integrity, student conduct
  • Recruiting
  • Retention/student success
  • Curricular enrichment (research, internship, study abroad, organizations)
  • Coordination/engagement with OSU Academic Affairs
  • Instructional technology
  • Tracking, monitoring, analytics
  • Programmatic enrichment (clubs and student organizations)
  • Financial aid
  • Career preparation and placement (job or professional school)
  • UG Climate/inclusion/health
  • Academic advising
  • Assessment
  • Leadership/supervision of college wide academic programs (BRR, SUS)
  • G-Policies and procedures
  • G-Engagement with Graduate School and other colleges (e.g., associate deans group for academic programs)
  • G-Coordination on funding needs and opportunities
  • G-Recruiting (especially for underrepresented groups)
  • G-Professional development
  • G-Climate

Associate Dean of Research

Assoc Director Exp Station & Asst Dean Research Development

  • Articulate research vision and priorities in concert with college leadership
  • Cultivation & creation of opportunities (DC, corporate/industry, NGO, etc.)
  • Pursuit of big opportunities (team building and support)
  • VPR and Research Office liaison, coordination, compliance and engagement (e.g., ADRAC)
  • Research facilitation such as pre-award support, compliance support, and related activities
  • Strategies related to research facilities, equipment acquisition and maintenance (core, unit-level, individual labs)
  • Policy development
  • Research development- internal and external faculty cultivation
    • Faculty development (grant writing, network development, etc.)
    • DC orientation and mentoring
    • Engagement with funding agencies and organizations
  • National and international research presence and leadership
    • Organizations (APLU, etc.) and initiatives
    • Promotion, training and rewarding faculty for these efforts
    • Team building facilitation and support  
  • Corporate relations and Commercialization
    • Corporate partner cultivation
    • Cultivating research partners and opportunities
    • Cultivating faculty for work with corporate partners
    • Policies and procedures and logistical support
    • Handling royalty/licensing agreements
    • Internships with corporate partners
  • Representation on national Experiment Station/Sun Grant administration
  • Oversee corporate relationships
  • Exerting OSU leadership in initiatives and opportunities
  • Experiment Station USDA management
    • Reporting
    • Sun Grant
    • Compliance with USDA regulations
    • Engagement of faculty
    • Regional and national engagement
  • AES sponsored research office
    • Opportunity awareness
    • Proposal preparation and submission
    • Post-award (fiscal, compliance, reporting)
  • Research Development
    • Cultivation and identification of major opportunities
    • Assembling, organizing and facilitating team collaboration
    • Facilitate and support proposal development as needed
    • Develop mechanisms to assist in funded project oversight and management as needed 

Associate Dean of Extension

  • Identify needs and set program vision/priorities
  • Engage with regional and national Extension organizations
  • Hiring, mentoring, promotion of field faculty in particular
  • Supervision/evaluation of field faculty
  • Applied research support
  • Engagement with local community and industry
  • Developing funding partnerships with counties and agencies
  • Coordination/integration with county and/or station programs/priorities
  • Coordination of statewide faculty and local/regional faculty
  • Understand and implement Division of Extension and Engagement objectives
  • Analyze and communicate outreach and engagement needs

Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs

  • Oversight of faculty hiring, onboarding, and development by units
  • Oversight of unit head searches and hiring
  • Strategies for 9 month vs. 12 month positions, summer appointments
  • Design criteria for faculty position descriptions (e.g., offer letter and PD templates)
  • Evaluate and enhance diversity, equity and inclusion environment (Phase I)
  • Provide assistance in the area of faculty relations (e.g., grievances, disagreements, etc.)
  • Professorial faculty union engagement
  • Faculty mentoring and professional development
  • Leadership training
  • Manage our collective/coordinated P&T process
  • Awards and faculty advancement

Director of Gov’t Relations & Strategic Partnerships

  • Maintain college relationships with legislators, agency officials, and stakeholders
  • Collaborate with CAS Marketing & Communications to facilitate stakeholder relationships (including commissions and industry associations) and gather information regarding perceptions of the college
  • Liaison with Dean, other statewide directors, and OSU Government Relations to identify parties, develop and achieve legislative objectives, execute communication strategies, coordinate testimony, respond to data requests, etc.
  • Identification and cultivation of governmental, corporate, NGO/foundation partners

Chief Operating Officer

  • Overall operational management of staff, facilities, business operations, policies, etc.
  • Process, policy and operational standardization and optimization (e.g., efficiency improvements)
  • Planning, prioritization and execution of asset management strategies (e.g., building, infrastructure, land use, improvements, water rights, etc.)
  • Space management and coordination with OSU
  • Personnel and human resources oversight
  • Financial oversight and coordination
  • Legal, compliance, IT, etc. oversight and coordination with OSU
  • Risk management
  • Dean’s office management (micro and macro scale)
  • Safety and Compliance/Risk Management
    • Laboratory and environmental compliance (EH&S)
    • IACUC
    • IRB
    • OSHAA
    • Pesticide handling (ODA)
    • Irrigation rights
    • CAFO
    • Youth contacts
    • Emergency response planning
    • Risk management/insurance claims: property, workers comp, etc.
  • Contacts for Operations

International Programs

(TBD in Phase II, Phase I is shared across other positions)

Climate, Diversity and Inclusion

(TBD in Phase II, Phase I is shared across other positions)