Mission: Sustainable Horticulture

Sustainable horticulture reflects an integration of skills and knowledge in pest management, plant propagation, plant nutrition, soil science, ecology, economics, and policy.


SYSTEMS LEVEL LEADERSHIP: In-depth horticultural knowledge broad systems level content. Critical perspective for diverse production systems and diverse products.


PEOPLE: Business and marketing
PLACE: Integrating technology intro structure and equipment
PRODUCT: Pest and disease resistant, health crops and culture


  • Mechanization, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), New Technology, New Markets.
  • Pre- Post- harvest physiology, irrigation management, nutrient management, integrated pest management.
  • Outreach and communication.

    Research and Extension:

    • Develop opportunities for mechanization and technology to offset decreased available labor and increased labor costs.
    • Use LCA to identify operation inefficiency to reduce costs and reduce pollution.
    • Engage consumer markets with technology and urban outreach.
    • Offer new, simplified, phenological models to reduce pesticide costs and runoff pollution.
    • Expand research on stress tolerant, and regionally appropriate new plant varieties.