Chilli thrips

Chilli thrips is a potential threat to greenhouse/nursery production in the PNW. It has a very wide host range and can damage plants of key importance in our region including roses, rhododendrons, maple, viburnum, blueberries, grapes, and many herbaceous hosts such as basil or snapdragons. Additionally it can vector viruses.

An awareness of this pest, may help keep it from establishment in our area. Distribution of this pest can occur from areas where it already has established. Vigilant inspection of new plant material from these locations will be a useful tactic to reduce risk of introduction.

Good links for chilli thrips

Chilli thrips: Photos and Research, University of Florida/MREC. This site is chilli thrips 101 for everyone wanting to learn what they look like, what they do and on what hosts, and how to manage them.

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension: Chilli Thrips This site has a very nice presentation of material

National Pest Alert: Chilli Thrips

Chilli thrips. Photo: Univ of Florida/MREC