Healthy Plants and Bilingual Education


The Healthy Plants and Bilingual Education Program combines a passion for supporting and educating people with a curiosity and desire to explore the microbial world present all around us. We are dedicated to serving the nursery industry by engaging growers through personalized nursery visits, listening to their concerns and questions, and presenting science-based information on identifying and managing plant diseases. We also offer various plant health workshops and trainings throughout the year. Additionally, we conduct applied research on topics related to the industry’s needs. Our research and extension interests include the biology and management of many pathogens of concern. In particular, we focus on foliar pathogens such as Boxwood blight and Botrytis gray mold. But in addition, we study soilborne pathogens, such as the destructive Phytophthora species. Finally, we are fascinated by the biology and unique abilities of cyanobacteria and other microalgae that live in nursery recycling ponds. See below for a list of current projects!

We are thrilled to expand our outreach beyond the nursery industry. In 2012, we partnered with the berry commissions and the Oregon Department of Agriculture to begin offering training in Food Safety for growers, contractors, and anyone responsible for teaching harvest workers about minimizing the risk of contamination in the field. We have produced educational tools, found below, that provide support for this important endeavor. The emphasis on excellent hygiene, cleaning, and sanitation to prevent the spread of human pathogens complements our same emphasis for plant disease management!

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Nursery Industry Extension and Research

New Bilingual Webinar Series: Healthy Plants, Happy People!

Monthly webinars, 1 hour in length, on various topics related to plant health. Offered in English and Spanish.

Foliar Disease of Ornamentals

Learn about foliar plant diseases that affect ornamental crops

Bilingual Boxwood Blight Resources

Boxwood Blight bilingual resources produced by our program.

Online, Self-Paced Course on Disease Diagnosis and Prevention for Nursery Crops

Online course with 5 modules to teach you all about plant disease and diagnosis.

Manual Removal of Nostoc for Control of Slippery Mats

Nostoc is a cyanobacteria complex that forms hazardous, slippery mats in nurseries. Read about our research on manual removal!

Biology of Cyanobacteria in a Nursery Environment

Our research focuses on isolation of cyanobacteria from nursery recycling ponds and studying their biology.

Bilingual Food Safety Resources for Fresh Produce Growers

"Train the Trainer" Food Safety Workshops

Offered in English and Spanish, these 3-hr workshops help prepare harvesters for the upcoming season. Workshops have concluded for 2022, but check back in 2023 for more!

Bilingual Food Safety Manual: Good Field Practices for Agricultural Workers/Buenas Practicas en el Campo Para Trabajadores Agrícolas

Bilingual manual developed for trainers that teach harvest workers about best practices