Marionberries ripening on the vine.

Marionberries ripening on the vine.

Berry crops are important commodities in Oregon.  Providing growers with current information about pest management issues helps keep them up-to-date and prepared to make important pest management and marketing decisions that affect their operation.  By keeping in direct and frequent contact with agrochemical companies, EPA, ODA, IR-4, and other University researchers, I keep track of berry crop pesticide issues and help growers meet their pest management challenges.

The Pesticide Registration Charts I develop for Oregon blueberry, caneberry and strawberry crops, and the Pesticide Registration Chart for Oregon and Washington berry crops, contain information that provides growers with a quick guide to pesticide registrations, which assists them as they develop a pest management strategy for their farm.

Pesticide Updates

I also conduct field experiments to help solve emerging and persistent pest management problems in berry crops.  Recent projects include: management of spotted wing drosophila, weed control in raspberries, weed control in blueberries, and disease control in blackberries.

Spotted Wing Drosophila Management

Joe DeFrancesco