General Production

Of Interest...

Keith Warren, of J. Frank Schmidt and Sons Co., gives an interesting overview of the lengthy process of introducing new shade tree varieties to the marketplace in this recent video.

Program Contacts

  • Lloyd Nackley-Nursery Production and Management
  • Judy Kowalski, Bio Science Research Technician 3—Nursery, Christmas Trees, and Specialty Crop Registrations


Recent Rearch Projects

Applications and Timing for Coloring Hydrangeas 

Researcher: Heather Stoven

A past study at NWREC looked at aluminum sources and timing for the bluing of hydrangea sepals.  Al2SO4 drenches or Al-chelate foliar sprays were applied to containerized hydrangeas in the summer, fall and spring.  Evaluations were made based on plant growth and sepal color.


colorful hydrangeas in open greenhouse

Hydrangea macrophylla 'Endless Summer' during study.


Multicopter Research in Christmas Trees and Nurseries

Researchers: Heather Stoven, Chal Landgren

Research using a multi-rotor remote sensing system to collect real-time inventory data is currently wrapping up.  In Oregon, flights with the multicopter have focused on collecting still images for stitching as well as video. Meanwhile, team members from The University of Florida, University of Arkansas and Virginia Tech focused on ground-based research investigating the use of thermal, multispectral and visible imagery to increase algorithm accuracy in the identification of individual plants. They were also able to validate the concept of using multispectral and thermal imagery to identify plant stress from aerial imagery.


Multicopter flying through xmas trees

Multicopter flying through a Christmas tree field.