Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

The Nursery IPM Extension program based at the North Willamette Research and Extension Centers is a multi-dimensional information system to assist nursery and greenhouse growers to make informed decisions in all aspects of integrated pest management (IPM) including pest identification, monitoring, pest biology, thresholds, and pest management tactics. My program serves commercial growers in Clackamas, Columbia, Linn, Marion, Washington, and Yamhill Counties.

The Nursery IPM program includes an applied research program currently focusing on a variety of project areas. Recent and current projects include: amber snail management, biological control of root weevils with Straeolaelaps mites, and intelligent spray systems (Smart Sprayer).

Current Research Projects

Recent Research



  • Azalea Lacebug fact sheet. Updated in July of 2013, this publication contains latest information geared for and commercial nurseries and landscapes.
  • Pacific Northwest Nursery IPM
    This website has been established to provide educational materials and links for the identification and management of pests in commercial nursery production in the Pacific Northwest.
  • IPM Alert System
    The email Alert system is a free service sending out pest management information with regional, national, and international pest information pertinent to nursery production.
  • Twitter - PNW Nursery IPM 
  • IR-4 Ornamental Horticulture Program
    IR4 exists to facilitate registration of sustainable pest management technology for specialty crops and minor uses (aka ornamental horticulture growers including greenhouses, nurseries, Christmas tree farms, and sod growers)

Program Contacts

  • Robin Rosetta, Extension Agent—Nursery Integrated Pest Management 


picture: robin-rosetta_sm-1.jpg
Robin Rosetta leads the IPM program at NWREC.