This year’s Harvest Dinner went virtual, too, like a lot of events in 2020. And, although a very different kind of activity, and nothing like being out on the lawn with hundreds of supporters, this year’s Harvest Dinner was deemed a success. Nearly 110 homes, businesses or computers linked to the event—live. It was estimated that the total attendance was about 150 or so—about half of a typical outdoors event.

The Harvest Dinner is now available on video and has been divided into “chapters” so you can access just what you want to see and hear.  Watch all of the program or just the portions you are interested in!

 Welcome and Introductions—by Mike Bondi, NWREC Director (7:32)

 Introduction to the Oregon Ag Experiment Station and NWREC (7:00)*

 NWREC Highlights and Comments from Dean Alan Sams (20:52)

 Comments from OSU President F.King Alexander (18:49)

 Farmers Ending Hunger Presentation—John Burt, Executive Director (10:43)

 Closing Comments,Thank Yous (6:49)

* This video was specially produced by the College of Agricultural Sciences for the NWREC Harvest Dinner and premiered that evening. Check it out. Provides a great overview of the Ag Experiment Station in Oregon and the work done at NWREC supporting agriculture in the Willamette Valley.