Healthy Plants and Bilingual Education

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The Healthy Plants and Bilingual Education Program combines a passion for supporting and educating people with a curiosity and desire to explore the microbial world present all around us. We are dedicated to serving the nursery industry by engaging growers through personalized nursery visits, listening to their concerns and questions, and presenting science-based information on identifying and managing plant diseases. We also offer various plant health workshops and trainings throughout the year. Additionally, we conduct applied research on topics related to the industry’s needs. This ranges from disinfection of propagation material to fungicide efficacy in controlling Botrytis on geraniums. We are also fascinated by the biology and unique abilities of cyanobacteria and other microalgae that live in nursery recycling ponds. See below for a list of current projects!

We are thrilled to expand our outreach beyond the nursery industry. In 2012, we partnered with the Oregon Blueberry Commission to begin offering training in Food Safety for growers, contractors, and anyone responsible for teaching harvest workers about minimizing the risk of contamination in the field. We have produced educational tools, found below, that provide support for this important endeavor. The emphasis on excellent hygiene, cleaning, and sanitation to prevent the spread of human pathogens complements our same emphasis for plant disease management!

Let us know how we can support you and your organization in producing healthy plants! Contact us today by emailing or Our services are available in English and Spanish.


We are thrilled to announce that our online course "Disease Prevention and Diagnosis for Nursery Crops" is now available year-round as a self-paced class. In addition, we will also be offering the hybrid version of the class (with graded assignments and an instructor-led component) twice a year! The next hybrid-learning session begins October 18th, 2021. Enthusiastic learners who are ready to delve into the intriguing world of plant disease can view more information and register by visiting:

FREE YEAR-ROUND WORKSHOP!!!! Boxwood Blight: Scouting for the Scoundrel! Interactive Workshop

The Healthy Plants and Bilingual Education Program is proud to introduce a new, 3 hour interactive workshop aimed at introducing the public to the basics of scouting. We emphasize boxwood blight disease symptoms and signs, but anyone can join to learn the basics of plant pathology and how to keep your plants happy and healthy! We ask for a strong internet connection to participate in this workshop. It is offered on demand, so please email us if you are interested in signing up for a workshop!

Learn How to Scout for Boxwood Blight with These New Videos!


Boxwood Blight Mobile-Friendly Resource in English!

Learn how to identify and manage boxwood blight in a nursery setting. Content includes information on host plants, transmission of the disease, and management, with photos and descriptions of symptoms of boxwood blight and damage to plants.

Access is free:

Boxwood Blight Mobile-Friendly Resource in Spanish!

Esta publicación contiene información sobre plantas huéspedes conocidas, cómo se dispersan las esporas del hongo, y cómo manejar el tizón de boxwood, con fotos y descripciones de síntomas y daño.

Boxwood Blight: Bilingual Large-Scale Poster

Content includes photos and descriptions of symptoms of boxwood blight and damage to plants. The poster file is designed to print up to 24 x 36 inches.

Download is free:

Food Handling Safety "Train the Trainer"

This is a collaborative effort between OSU Extension’s Healthy Plants & Bilingual Education Program and the Oregon Blueberry Commission to create an awareness of good practices during the harvest season to prevent food contamination. These trainings take place in April and May.

To help trainers, we are proud to debut our new BILINGUAL Food Safety Training Manual! To order, please click here.

In addition, we have produce 5 FREE videos you can view and use at any time!!! Videos are in Spanish, with English subtitle options.

FSMA and the Produce Safety Rule

Education for growers about the new Food Safety regulations with focus on the Produce Safety Rule. For upcoming classes, please visit the Produce Safety Alliance.



Seguridad de Alimentos “Entrenando Entrenadores” 

Este es un esfuerzo de colaboración de Extensión y el Programa de Plantas sanas & Educación bilingue y la Comisión de Arándanos de Oregon para crear conciencia sobre las buenas prácticas durante la temporada de cosecha y prevenir la contaminación de los alimentos. Estos entrenamientos se llevan a cabo en abril y mayo.

¡Para ayudar a los entrenadores, estamos orgullosos de presentar nuestro nuevo Manual BILINGÜE de Capacitación en Seguridad de Alimentos! Para ordenar, por favor haga clic aquí.

¡Además, hemos producido 5 videos GRATIS que puedes ver y usar en cualquier momento! Los videos están en español, con opciones de subtítulos en inglés.

FSMA / Norma de Seguridad de Alimentos 

Educación para los productores sobre las nuevas regulaciones de Seguridad de Alimentos con enfoque en la Norma de Seguridad de los productos agrícolas frescos. Visite el sitio de ¨Produce Safety Alliance¨ en la red, para conocer cuando se ofrecen nuevas clases.



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Program Contacts

Luisa Santamaria, Nursery Crops Extension Specialist- Plant Pathologist and Bilingual Educator

Maria Marlin, Faculty Research Assistant - Plant Pathologist