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Plant Health / Plantas Sanas

This program has been designed for nursery and greenhouse workers based on data collected from a needs assessment survey for training opportunities.  The survey was carried out in 2009 and 2010 with members of the nursery industry.

The focus of our research includse soil-borne plant pathogens such as Pythium, Phytophthora, Verticillium spp., and other relevant plant pathogens for the nursery industry such as Botrytis spp. Other areas of research are plant-microorganism interactions, biological control agents for plant disease management, and photosynthetic bacteria from soil and water.

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Food Handling Safety "Train the Trainer" / Seguridad de Alimentos “Entrenando Entrenadores” 

This is a collaborative effort from Extension and the Berry commissions to create an awareness of good practices during the harvest season and prevent food contamination. (April-May).

FSMA / Norma de Seguridad de Alimentos 

Education for growers about the new Food Safety regulations with focus on the Produce Safety Rule. Find out more in our Current Projects!

IPM training for workers in the Christmas tree industry

In collaboration with the Christmas tree specialist, we offer classes about scouting and diagnosis of Christmas tree problems. Our main audience is Spanish-speaking workers. We want to help them to improve their scouting techniques and provide some knowledge for an efficient Integrated Pest Management.

We have developed a bilingual diagnostic field guide in English and Spanish to support these IPM trainings.




English to Spanish 

Español a Íngles

Pacific North West Pest Managment Handbooks

Program Contacts

Luisa Santamaria, Nursery Crops Extension Specialist- Plant Pathologist and Bilingual Educator

Maria Marlin, Faculty Research Assistant - Plant Pathologist