Community Volunteers

NWREC has many opportunities for community members to be involved at the Center.

  • Master Gardener Berry Picking: Each berry harvest, Master Gardeners volunteer to harvest the berries we use for our research. This allows us to have precise measurements for this research.

  • Tour Leaders: NWREC is starting a program that will provide the opportunity for community members to book tours of the Center's facilities. This program will give the community a chance to learn about the Center's research and its impact. ┬áTo facilitate the development of this program, community volunteers will be needed to serve as tour guides.

  • Landscape Volunteers: NWREC is seeking volunteers to help install and maintain the landscape at the Center.

  • Winter Garden Volunteers: Construction of a botanical garden is on the agenda at NWREC. This project will require community volunteer assistance to create and maintain.

Want to be a Volunteer at NWREC?

If you are interested in one of these volunteer opportunities, please contact us!