Nursery Internship Program

The Nursery Intern Program at NWREC is designed for students interested in ornamental crop production, Christmas tree research and Integrated Pest Management. The program focuses on research methods for solving problems commonly found in the nursery and Christmas tree industries.

Interested in Becoming a Nursery Intern at NWREC?

We are not accepting applicants for interns at this time.

For any additional information, please contact Lloyd Nackley.



We work closely with nurseries and Christmas tree growers throughout Oregon to identify production problems and develop experiments to provide practical solutions to those problems.

Examples of research conducted by former student interns include:

  • Alternative soil-less substrates
  • Asexual plant propagation
  • Insect life cycle
  • Nursery crop fertility
  • Plant evaluation
  • Plant pathology
  • Soilless substrate physiochemical properties
  • Technology evaluation and integration
  • Water and irrigation management

Interns will focuses on a major project, including planning, implementation, and summary of results. Past student interns have completed research papers, trade magizine articles, presentations and videos of their completed project. Many opportunities are available and encouraged to interns.

See some past projects of former interns at NWREC!

Quick Facts About the Program

  • Faculty: Lloyd Nackley, Robin Rosetta, Luisa Santamaria, Chal Landgren
  • Location: Aurora, Oregon (20 miles south of Portland)
  • Duration of Internship: 3-to-6 months
  • Time of Internship: Typically spring to late summer or early fall. Timing is flexible for each candidate depending on needs.
  • Education:
    • For students in the United States, you must be enrolled in a college or university with plans to continue classes after completing the internship.
  • Pay: Students typically work 40 hours per week during summer, 20 hours or less during the school year, and are paid hourly. Pay is based on experience.