Oregon State Agency IPM Committee


Oregon State Agency IPM Coordinating Committee

The Statewide IPM Coordinator, housed at Oregon IPM Center, organizes and connects the IPM activities of state agencies and universities as part of the Legislature's goals of implementing a sustainable approach to pest management. 

In 2013, the Oregon State Legislature passed House Bill 3364, which established an IPM Coordinating Committee, comprised of representatives from each of Oregon’s state agencies (under ORS 634.660) and public universities. The legislation recognizes that IPM offers a sustainable approach to addressing pest, disease and weed challenges within and among state agencies and universities, including pest management on state land and property holdings, as well as management that falls within state agencies’ statutory responsibilities to protect, health, the environment, the state economy, and the cultural and aesthetic value of Oregon’s natural heritage. 

The Committee meets three times annually, with broad goals that include: 

  • Promoting information exchange among state agencies regarding IPM methods and approaches, best practices, and program successes and challenges;
  • Providing opportunities for education and training for agency personnel that advance IPM and support pest management innovation; 
  • Supporting agency development of adaptive management approaches to IPM; 
  • Achieving improved IPM adoption and reduced risk to humans and environment through collaborative tracking & monitoring of agency IPM status, and collective response to challenges. 


Current Committee Members
  • Oregon State University
    • Chris Hedstrom, Committee Chair, IPM Outreach Coordinator, Oregon IPM Center, joined October 2020
    • Silvia Rondon, State IPM Coordinator, Director, Oregon IPM Center, joined July 2022
    • Todd Cross, Landscape Manager, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR. Joined January 2023
  • Department of Transportation
    • Will Lackey, Committee Co-Chair, Vegetation Management Coordinator
  • Department of Parks and Recreation 
    • Noel Bacheller, Committee Secretary, Natural Resource Coordinator/Botanist; Oregon Parks and Recreation Department
  • Department of Forestry
    • Wyatt Williams, Invasive Species Specialist, Oregon Department of Forestry
  • Department of Agriculture
    • Carri Pirosko, Integrated Weed Management Coordinator
    • Max Ragozzino, Biological Control Specialist, joined July 2021
  • Department of Administrative Services
    •  Daren Dickey, Landscape Manager, Department of Administrative Services 
  • Department of Fish and Wildlife
    • David Stroppel, Willamette Valley Open Fields Coordinator, joined Dec 2022
  • Department of Corrections
    • Kathleen Fitts, Sustainability Manager, joined January 2022
  • Department of Environmental Quality
    • David Gruen, Columbia River Coordinator, joined July 2022
  • Oregon Health Authority
    • Curtis Cude, Environmental Public Health Surveillance Program Manager, Oregon Health Authority
    • Alan Martinez, Occupational Health & Pesticide Exposure Program Coordinator, Joined July 2022
  • University of Oregon
    • Steve Stuckmeyer, Director of Environmental Health and Safety, Joined Dec. 2022
    • Kevin Farthing, Associate Director of Environmental Services, Joined Dec. 2022